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The polls are closed.

Thank you all for participating in the first ever PDD Holiday T-shirt design contest. It was a very close race, so close that I have decided to print the top three designs. So without further ado the winners are (in no particular order.)

The Abominable Snowman goes shopping.



perfectdayduluth - Andrew Saur.jpg

Smoking Reindeer


The shirts will be available next week at my shop and I will have them for sale at the Buy Local gift fare at the Peace Church on December 1rst.

Have a great Thanksgiving!


Where is the store selling these shirts located?

i want my royalties.

Dr. Seuss didn't create the abominable snowman. He's from the Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer TV special.

Speaking of credit, whose T-shirt designs are these?

i think he was referring to the smoking reindeer. it is quite seussian. seussesque? seussatory?

The reindeer ain't Seuss. It's a Brian Barber original.

wait! wait!
ex-pate duluthians want to know: can the shirts be bought online?

Will these T-shits be available in bigger sizes? Maybe you could make a few into the over 30 and lived in Duluth his whole life and couldn’t possible loose the belly with winter on the way size. So if you were able to, the size would be 2XLT. Also could I get an adress for the store, thanks.

will they have long sleeves??

chuckle...the reindeer looks so smarmy. he was actually in my top three, but i procrastinated and didn't vote.

"Whadda you lookin at, pallie?
Ya gotta problem wit somethin?
Lookit, I've been up all night luggin some fat guy around in a sled, deliverin packages to little kids...and what do I get for my troubles?
A sack of mush, that's what...so shaddap and gimmie three fingers of Jack in a rocks glass...Pronto!
I swear my union rep's gonna hear about this first thing. Teamsters ain't gonna go for this kinda garbage...no way."

"Yeah, I got yer sack of toys right here, pal."

"Yeah, I goes to the union hall to pick up an assignment and it says to go to the North Pole...so I'm thinking hey...milk run, few hours work on the redeye to Houston but no. I get there and some schmendrick who's all dressed up like an elf tells me to go talk to the foreman over in the barn. Next thing you know, I'm hitched up to this fella in a red suit who's obviously had a couple too many and his House...okay, not really, it was his sled, but you get the picture. The guy had everything in there. Hand to God, I swear i was gonna herniate something."

schmendrick. Good word. Gotta use that sometime.

Hey I thought I was the ex-pate Laurie! I am so confused. And I would buy one if it was the right size and shipped to Chicago.

no, no, shipped to st. paul.

If Starfire is too busy expedite shipping I could do this personally for peeples...

"Schmendrick" is an awesome word. Zra, that was a terrific read.


i think the reindeer's smarminess is a huge selling point of the tshirt.

I'd suggest buying the trifecta, for posterities' sake.

i love WIKI:

The term Schmendrick may refer to:

The play Shmendrik, oder Die komishe Chaseneh (Schmendrik or The Comical Wedding).
A schmendrick or shmendrik is a Yiddish word meaning a fool, a jerk, a ne'er-do-well, almost an idiot, a clueless person, someone who's dumb, stupid or not worthy of respect. Example: "Eric was somewhat of a schmendrick in the way he responded to people."
Schmendrick the Magician, wizard from the fantasy novel The Last Unicorn.

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