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The Business of Being Born

This weekend Duluth is hosting a preview screening of The Business of Being Born, a documentary produced by Ricki Lake (yes, that Ricki Lake) on birth in the American health care system.

Saturday, Nov 10, 1pm
Duluth Play House (in the tech village)
$7 at the door

Proceeds go to Birthing Ways Doula Connection and ICAN of the Northland.

(p.s. Hi, it's me, your old friend Marisa. I used to post here with embarassing frequency before two little parasites took over my life.)


Zoinks! don't even remind me about giving birth in the American health system! 10 years ago yesterday, and I'm still trying to forget it. I am glad, though, that because I had a caesarean, they didn't kick me out of the hospital later that day. But they didn't feed me either! And when the bill came -- it was like half my yearly salary! I was glad that the State of Wisc. picked up the tab -- or I'd still be washing dishes at SMDC.

> -- or I'd still be washing dishes at SMDC.

What, there isn't an employee discount?

This was a fine presentation. I am thankful to the organizations involved in bringing it for doing so. The macaroon (sp?) appetizers alone were worth being there, let alone a very informative film about (imagine this) how backwards America is.

hey, glad to hear you enjoyed it! there's talk of putting together another screening and i hope it happens. i loved it and want to see it again!

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