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The Anchor Bar


Lots and lots and lots of jalapenós at The Anchor Bar

I went over across the bridge this weekend for a burger at The Anchor Bar. While there I encountered an individual eating a jalapenó burger with three patties on it. I called over to him saying, 'Hey, let me get your picture - I'm putting you on the Internet.' To which he turned, attempted to put his face around the behemoth burger and let me capture this image.

- sam_h


Mmmm Anchor. I went to Loui's for the second Sunday in a row. I had the biscuits & gravy per your suggestion - they left me feeling sort of ill. But still satisfied! Target kicks mega ass.

Ill?!? Oh n05!!!

AHHHH!! Double Bacon Cheeseburger with fries and extra pickles with a Bud Light and life is good again!!

You'd sully the exquisite flavor of a DBC with swill such as Bud Light?

Gotta love Superior!

I too witnessed this act of admirable consumption. The best part was that he finished that burger before his buddies finished their own less-intimidating sandwiches.

That is only to be able to say that it is the best 4.50$ one can spend.

I miss going to the Anchor. It's just not practical with a one-and-half year old... but still, olive burger *drool*

Ahh...the monthly PDD post about Anchor Burgers. MMM...redundant.

Thank you for helping to keep the redundancy fresh, Jon.

Thank you for providing the redundant for me to keep fresh!

Following your previous post, Jon I performed a search for "anchor bar" on PDD and came up with three other posts. Assuming the search is based on posts from 2005 until the present this would average out to one post every twelve months, not "...the monthly PDD post about Anchor Burgers". Perhaps you meant to say the yearly PDD post about Anchor Burgers and not monthly?

Hey Sam Bill O'Reilly called he said he wants his sense of humor back. Now my turn to throw out figures! I did a search for "Anchor Burger" and got back 759,000 results! Booyah!

Ahh, figures, yes they most do really crack me up. I did a search for "Hitler" and only got one result.

I heard that Hitler was a vegetarian, which reminds me how much I am annoyed by vegetarians that have to tell you how long it has been since they last ate meat. It's like they're dry or something. Do you think they say the "Serenity Prayer" when they are confronted with something as awesome as a Galley Buster Burger?

I can see no other way for them to atone for your and my sins of consuming such a sinful delight.

Well that does it, I am establishing the Holy Church of the Galley Buster Burger.

First Commandment: Thou shall not split an order of fries!

Second Commandment: Thou shalt always order at least double meat.

I was taught that a Galley Buster must always be enjoyed with a bottle of Sheaf Stout.

And Zra came from the mists of the nether of the web and proclaimed that the Galley Buster must be enjoyed with a bottle of Sheaf Stout.

A full pound of ground beef and a stout beer...I think Zra is bucking for Sainthood in the Holy Church of the Divine Galley Buster Burger.

And the people rose up and called unto the masters, 'let us consume the beefs and the beers brought forth from the earth.' And the masters answered saying as such, 'yes oh ye' people of our lands. Go forth forth and consume, be merry and multiply.' And so it is said.

HEY HEY HEY!!! Let's not sully the good name of the Anchor bar with the likes of Bill O'Reilly please. We all still have to eat that stuff you know.

Yea verily my distant cousins we must all worship as we see fit. Are not all fries ripped asunder with the same holy deus ex machina? Are not the valkries of service equal with their loving disdain of the assembled worshipers? Even though our small number, those who find divine sustainence within the velvety folds of a mushroom swiss burger WITH cashews, still are as fervent as others.

and someone said vegetarians are always talking about their food in insufferable manners?

Please grant me my request, O most holy and venerated California Burger: Be succulent and so big with juice that it drippeth down to mine elbow when into thee I bite.

Thou shalt considereth thineselves lame upon consumption of burgers derived from soy.

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