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The A-List*


With all the seriousness lately on PDD, I thought we should bring to the forefront one of the most serious issues facing PDDers today: which A-list stars are going to be on Celebrity Apprentice? Yes, Donald Trump has promised one of the most intriguing Apprentices yet, chockful of A-list celebrities to compete for $250k donated to the celeb's favorite charity. Yes, that's right, A-list stars, the Donald promises!

The A-List:

Stephen Baldwin
Gene Simmons
Tito Ortiz
Lennox Lewis
Carol Alt
Vinny Pastore
John Cena
Marilu Henner

Check out that list - winners, all of them! A-list for sure!

I know, I know, it doesn't *seem* like it will be important but come January when we are all shivering in our hovels and it's pledge season (again) on PBS, you'll be thanking me!

*I feel sick.


I definitely won't be thanking you. Most those names are people I've barely heard of. Celebrities? Not quite. Rather a bunch of D-listers who want to extend their 15 minutes of fame into eternity. Omarosa? Wasn't she just a bitch from an older Apprentice? How does that make her a celebrity? Actually, now that I think about it, yes, I will thank you Tamara, for convincing me to stop watching television.

Stephen isn't even on the A-List of Baldwins, much lest of celebrities in general.

Is that photo from The Apprentice or Fear Factor?
Also, I'm sorry to tell you that the PBS pledge time is December. Ho-ho-ho.

All that list needs is Mark McGrath and Paula Abdul and you have a decent C list there.

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