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Support Our trOOPS?

Soldiers who've served in Iraq and are being released from duty due to serious injury are being asked to return their signing bonuses for their inability to fulfill their commitments.

IMO, the treatment that injured vets (or vets period) receive in this country is appalling...

Fortunately, Pennsylvania Representative Jason Altmire is introducing a bill that would prevent the D.O.D. from requiring seriously injured servicemembers to return their enlistment bonuses...


Army retreats, as well they should.

what a difference a couple of days makes.

my main reference was written on the 20th, yours was on the 22nd.

[insert "pre-existing behavioral condition" joke here]

There was a piece on the radio a few days ago about the armed forces possibly assigning diagnosis of Personality Disorder to people there kick out because of mental health reasons instead of PTSD, because a PTSD diagnosis qualifies the vets to VA treatment, whereas they argue a Personality Disorder does not.

fuck that! how much can i get for my kidney(s)?

And giving all those MN Guard soldiers orders that kept them from being eligiable for full educational benefits by ONE day was pure coincidence.

The Altmire bill has over 220 co-sponsors, including Jim Oberstar. As Senate version is expected soon.

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