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So, the question is ...


Which one is Mr. Duluth?


Clearly, the flannel shirt and neck beard indicate the true Mr. Duluth.

Both men look like they're from Duluth, but the one in the red shirt looks like he has lived here longer.

Just because he's been growing his beard longer, doesn't mean he's lived in Duluth longer, although it should.

I thought Frank Nichols was Mr. Duluth.

Either Franko or Blaise is depending on their argument that night.

It's a trick question. The photo must have been taken in Canada. Just look at the flag in the background. The sash is a fake.

Freddy's got my vote.

Not sure, but either way I feel really sorry for Mrs. Duluth. I have the feeling she could be hours away from becoming Ms. Duluth.

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