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Sister Disco

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I am thoroughly convinced that my beautiful sweet innocent little daughter is indeed the reincarnation of Keith Moon.

Anyone who knows their music history knows about Keith Moon. While on tour with The Who, he was quite infamous for destroying the hotel rooms that he stayed in. When I say "destroy," what I actually mean is that Mr. Moon had an intensely mischievous streak in him that started around the age of four or five and manifest itself quite frequently in his adult life. The rooms that Moon stayed in while on tour were left in shambles quite often...to the casual observer he literally tore the place to pieces. These antics were instrumental in getting him blacklisted from hotels all over the world. But, what most didn't realize when surveying the room's disaster firsthand is that Moon would actually dismantle every bit of furniture piece by piece and position them in a fashion that gave the appearance of being wreckage.

Yes, I'm aware he also liked to suspend couches from upper story windows and toss cherry bombs down flushed toilets...but that's not the point.

The point is that my sweet darling daughter has all the makings of a very clever and precocious and quite impish little girl...

She is very quickly getting the knack of being able to...piece by piece...dismantle...things that she feels would look much better strewn across the floor. And we're not just talking about a basket of stuffed animals or a box of blocks. Every day she finds a new way of taking apart pens, VCR remotes...toys...

That's not the half of it.

This past weekend we were staying at a hotel in Grand Marais...nice place...king bed, whirlpool in the room...cable, the whole bit.

Two hours in the room and...Hazel had uprooted both the telephone and the alarm clock, strewn a half roll's worth of toilet paper AND dispersed the recycling and garbage can's contents across the floor.

It really looked as if a pint sized rock band had been staying there.

SO...my daughter is the reincarnation of Keith Moon.

I'm sure of it.

written by ezra... posted with permission...


Buy her a drum kit, stat! But keep her away from explosives.

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