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The DNT gets P.C.

alas, the last bastion of "free speech" (read: the ability to slander and slag a person anonymously in an open forum) has fallen.


aren't those the same rules they've had all along? they are as far as i've understood it.

i mean, i know it hasn't seemed like it, but i remember when i first signed on that you couldn't slander anyone, couldn't post a direct attack on another poster, and couldn't go on and on. and they've always screened posts.

this does not exclude rampant racism, classist vitriol and downright stupidity, not to mention willful disregard for the truth.

they seem to be, but they're actually spelling it out for you now.

For those who don't like the limitations on your chance to be obnoxious, keep in mind the Duluth Citizens Blog is back up and running. Defame and foam at the mouth to your heart's content.

Due to the demands and support of numerous individuals, the Duluth Citizens Blog will be reopening soon under new management.

Thank you for your past support and all the best with the future of the Duluth Citizens Blog.

Moderator X

oh goody.

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