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PDD Holiday T


It's contest time again. Design a holiday themed T-shirt for PDD and you could win! The deadline for submissions is November 14th at 5pm. The voting will begin shortly after that and the shirts will be ready to purchase on Black Friday (November 23.)

Design rules after the jump.

The Rules.

a) Download and use the
Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop templates
to create your design. If you don't have either of those programs there are free open source programs that you can use.

Illustrator Template

Photoshop Templates

b) The theme is "PDD Holiday T" feel free to interpret this however you like. The words Perfect Duluth Day must be incorporated in the design,

c) Keep the design to 4 colors maximum, remember you can use the shirt color as part of the design.

d) To enter the contest send me a JPEG no wider than 450 pixels on the shirt color of your choice (provided with the templates.) If you win the contest we will coordinate getting the full quality version.

e) The winner will receive $50 and a couple of shirts.

If you have any questions drop me an email or call me at the shop (218) 464-0403.

Good Luck!


Windows users (sorry saps, but alas I am one at work) may have issue extracting the .zip file. Perhaps making the files available for download individually would be a good idea.

Sorry, I uploaded the Templates unzipped now. Let me know if that works.

I like the colored t-shirts thingy, but are the templates to scale? 4"w x 5"h looks small.

Do we get bonus points if it's a Sven Sundgaard's penis holiday t-shirt? Looks like that joke's about done, BTW.

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