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Overheard at the Xmas City Parade

"I can't tell if that smell is coming from that horse, the dogs from the animal shelter, or Miss Barnum."


I believe it was the GLA otters.

[Is that talking trash or talking smack?]


really, i can appreciate this type of joke for what it is...but as it happens i am from barnum...not that this fact matters much...i live in cloquet now, which smells way worse...my point is this...there are so few places left on this earth that are untouched by civilization in some way...the notion that someone is back-assed because of where they are from is the worst kind of cliche..is long-ago outdated..and very naive

The joke has nothing to do with back-assed. I think "Barnum" could be replaced by any city or town name and it would still be funny. (e.g. "I don't know if that smell is coming from that horse or from Miss Edina.") The only reason the guy said Miss Barnum is because that's who was in front of him at the time.

My eye!

It wasn't the smell so much as with Miss {x} and her {y}, you couldn't tell where the mustache began and the beard ended!

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