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Our Landfills Are Wildlife Habitat?

I'm sure many of you have seen this truck or one similar. For those who haven't I thought maybe you'd like to be disgusted as well.


Click on the photo to be taken to Waste Management's Minnesota Customer Service Comments page if you'd like to speak your mind directly to the source.


I don't get what your point is. That they are advertising their environmental consciousness, yet they are a waste removal company?

They seem to stress the "green" thing a lot on their website (a sop, I'm sure, but there it is) and have a lot of info about more environmentally friendly landfills: http://www.wm.com/WM/environmental/Bioreactor/index.asp

I know and care nothing about Waste Management (except that they are pretty nice when you pay your bill late) but wasn't sure what your point was.

I'm confused as well. Your modern landfill is nothing close to the dumps of ages past. They are actually quite clean and regulated and monitored closer and more stringently than most would believe. And when they are closed, habitat is what they become.

Would you rather we all just dump our garbage in the lake vs. collecting, controlling, monitoring, and regulating what becomes of it?

I too am disgusted! How dare they supply wildlife habbitats that are carefully monitored by conservationists ands universitie's andenvironmental groups! I bet those s.o.b's even provide safe havens for endangered species!

Seriously, how DARE these assholes take our garbage away from us, and deal with it as responsibly as they can and have the audacity to care about the enviroment at the same time!

Clearly the people that collect the garbage are the problem, and not the people who throw it away.

St. Louis County (which deals with landfills and solid waste issues outside of the WLSSD service area) also works to be progressive in its Reduce/Reuse/Recycle and other environmentally friendly efforts too: http://www.co.st-louis.mn.us/slcportal/SiteMap/HomePage/Departments/SolidWaste/tabid/94/Default.aspx

Also, their Property Management department has saved taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by introducing green initiatives.

You know what I hate about them is those damn green bins they provide for me to recycle stuff. Where do they get off taking my cans, bottles, and newspapers and bringing them somewhere where they're turned into something useful. To hell with the comment page. I say we form a bat-wielding unruly mob and march down to the West End to their office.

Why don't you burn your garage instead of letting WM take it ? Give those capitalist pigs at Waste Management a lesson. Without any garbage for them to collect they will be put out of business. Power to the people.

Why is Samh against the environment?

Waste Management Inc. is the classic mob-related waste disposal company with a long rap sheet of illegal dumping and corruption. In recent years they've been scrambling to clean up their image and hopefully, their practices. But in light of the company's history the "wildlife habitat" signs seem like a breath-taking case of greenwashing.

I am pretty sure they have been turning around since they merged with USA Waste and had some scandal. They seem to be trying to clean up there act.

Perhaps if they focused their "green marketing" on recycling they wouldn't have landfills to tout as wildlife habitat.

My apologies for targeting WM so specifically as it is citizens who are the root of the problem and not the removal service. Although in reading through fargiebargie's link I'm not so sure they deserve anyone standing up for them.

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