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No more duluthcitizensblog

Not that it is that big of a deal, but I noticed the conservative duluth whining contest blog is no longer in operation. Where will that amazing local political fervor be able to outlet now?


That's odd. guess no more "free speech". Hope those that ran it find something positive to give them happiness.

#[email protected]& really got mean over there after last night.

At least they schooled me on the truth behind Donny Ness and his plan to first destroy Duluth, then the WORLD!!!!

which begs the question...

would they have taken the blog down had bell won?

tonight, a bald eagle will shed a lone tear in front of a gently rippling american flag.

I know I will.

Just for old time's sake, can we alter Perfect Duluth Day so we are unable to use "quote marks"?

no quotes USE CAPS!

Yeah, I never understood the whole no quotation marks thing. What was up with that?

That's too bad. I was just getting ready to see if they could discuss real issues instead of their constant slaming . Congrats Mayor Ness. So can I get one boulevard rain garden so I can quit my 15 year whine. You know I 'm not letting go.

I don't know why they put such an effort into banning quotes when they had such creative poster names such as "Ben Dover" and "Phil Lacio". As you all see I used quotes, does that make me a bad person?

at least my monitor will be safe from spewing my morning coffee all over it. the commies and the gays have won! but i admit, i'm gonna miss it.

HELP! I am going through withdrawal! I miss Citizens Blog, it was a lot of fun to take on a few IDs, have arguments with myself, insult people who might turn out in real life to be friends of mine. . . Actually, I think some people had some thoughtful things to say on the Citizens Blog -- though a lot of them were homophobic xenophobes with a little too much time on their hands. I'm sure they don't understand why their candidates did so poorly in the election, though I think CB played a major role in Laurie Johnson's loss.

Yeah, the Cit Blog was some sick fun...I feel like I'm clean again!

There's something ominous about a blog purported to be about free speech and for the citizens but the folks behind it were in the shadows.

Also, knowing that I used at least 50 different "names" makes one realize that a mere handful of people can make it seem like everyone is saying it.

I think they may have had an impact in Laurie Johnson's race but for the most part, they were a negative for their cause.

DNT story here.

I will always have fond memories of Happy Fun Day on DCB. Too bad the moderators didn't actually allow us to have happy fun, but we tried.

Of course, every day is Happy Fun Day on PDD.

DCB had nothing to do with Laurie Johnson's defeat. Todd Fedora ran a good camapaign. It was oepn season on incumbants, and she failed to deflect criticism of her so-called conflict of interests.

the best thing about the DCB was that i knew those people were at home, putting their energies into their own twisted circle jerk of evil. now they're on the loose, looking for somewhere to stick their oozing little (selves). this canNOT be good.

I think it's obvious that they've moved to the Talk section of the DNT website.

Ugh, I feel like I just stepped into some cow poop, or got soap scum on my fingers -- you know that feeling when you touch something really icky that just makes you want to take a really hot shower? That sicko who styles himself Anthony Ramone or Tony Ramone sent me an email! To my personal email account, no less! Apparently, he's trolling PDD now that he can no longer troll the Citizens Blog. Now, THAT is one pathetic loser with too much time on his hands. He gives horses's asses a bad name.


I think some of them may have moved over here. The comments on some of the more political posts have been, well, like reading the DCB. I hope this isn't going to be the new trend.

Yeah, I have to agree that the talk section of the Tribs website is sounding off like a bitter fist pounding rant session of that old blog. That would be ironic because so many of those posters blamed the Trib on Bell's downfall and pledged to not support it. I believe that it was cleverly nicknamed the Duluth Snooze Tribune. Maybe I will miss that site after all.

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