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Matt Zaun

From Sarah Heimer...

"You may have heard about Matt Zaun's passing...but if you haven't, he died in his sleep on Saturday night in Eau Claire after going to a Black-eyed Snakes show. Anyway, he was and is one of my dearest friends and I am going back to Fargo..... this time to bury someone. I guess I'm asking you if you can find someone else to draw some funny pictures for this upcoming Transistor and please try to not run my comic again because that is ghetto and I just don't think I'll be able to pump one out this time. Maybe Sean Elmquist could come up with something. I found out about this Sunday night. What a shock.Thanks for understanding. --Sarah."

Hear more about Matt Zaun here and here and here.

If anyone knows how to get a hold of Sean Elmquist / Mic Trout, please have him email me.


I just found out about this today. I didn't really know Matt, he was a friendly looking guy with lots of friends, I would see at shows a lot. I feel ripped off learning about him now, a great person, a great talent, that I will never get to know. My heart goes out to his friends and family, you were lucky to have him while he was here.

Didn't know Matt closely, but I knew him well enough to call him a friend. It was easy. He was just one of those kinds of guys. Didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out he was a great guy with a big, kind heart. We worked together on some music projects in the past, but I hadn't seen or talked to him since Diaorama Rama. In the past 7 years that I knew him, it was always the same - - I wouldn't see him for a couple years at a time, and then when I did, he'd always have a big smile and a "hello!" for me. That always spoke huge volumes to me. 99.9% of all musicians and artists I've ever known should have taken lessons from Matt on how to be an artist while still remaining a decent human being. He will be missed. Tonight I raise my glass to you, Sir. Dammit.

He was a nice guy. when I would be at an event in TC and maybe feeling out of place Matt was very cool to run in to.

i worked with matt for a few months this past summer in mpls. he was such a talented, humble and kind person. i did not know him well, but we saw eye-to-eye on many things. such a shame and such a loss. he will be remembered.

I was good friends and also roomies with Matt in So Mpls in 05-06. It's hard to believe I won't see him again -- I live in NY and he was going to come here to show his work and kick it next month. At least I saw him this summer, but, WTF. I will really really miss him. Hopefully his work will continue to be appreciated and spread around. Oh, and we were Kinko's pals also. Nothing bonds like a terrible experience...

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