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Like it or Lump it?


So I'm thinking about 86ing the PDD Bios portion of the website. Very few people use it, and almost no one ever updates it. I'd like to pare down the PDD features to reduce clutter and make it so everything is easier to find and use.

What do you guys think? Should we trash it or keep it?

Let me know in the comments or by emailing me at [email protected] If I got rid of it, I'd probably do it in a week or two.


I do notice from my blog tracking that I get jumps to my blog from my PDD bio (once or twice a week) so some people are using it.

I think the page itself isn't particularly user friendly or as well designed as the rest of the PDD universe. Perhaps keep it but link to individual bios on the sidebar of the PDD main page. Just a thought.

You might want to delete the "no-see-ums" category, too.

There's a Bio section?

Seems like the Aggregated Links (and maybe PDD Member's Links to blogs, etc.) would do the same thing.

I was going to say dump it, but Iroiic1 brought up a good point. I know of at least on PDDer who arrived here because they googled something that popped up in my bio then tracked it to here. fwiw

grrr, sorry for the name typo

Yeah, I think you should 86 the bios, mine's pretty out of date and I'm too lazy to update it. But, do not, I repeat, do not eliminate the no-see-ums. In fact, I would love to see a resurgence in the no-see-um postings. How the hell else am I supposed to find out what Zoey's up to? (Any takers, C-freak?)

I may have to go to the scabies/no-see-ums board myself but I gotta warn you, it ain't pretty!!

What is a "No See Um"?

are we short of electrons?

Trash it...
Is it just me (and my computer) or are all the names in the bio section in black and only are visible against the black background when you mouse over them...

But I just built my bio last week! I honestly don't care however. I've built so many bios on so many Web sites and who actually reads them anyway? Yeah, that's what I thought.

But it's not like you're going to see some increase in the efficiency of the blog or anything by deleting them.

BIF: They shouldn't be. They should be red against black. What kind of system are you using?

I see the same thing as BIF no matter if its a school or work computer. I only see Borealis, Budb, Sarcasmsetyourhouseonfire, Shoes, and Vicarious in white text. The rest I have to mouse over and they appear with white underlined text.

Barrett, I have the same problem when I use my work computer.

I'm running Windows XP Pro with a HP Pentium Dual-Core and an Intel Q965/Q963 Express Chipset Family graphic card.

I have to use IE to browse, version 7.0.5730.13. (I use Firefox at home and haven't had any issues.)

Hope that might help...

Hm. It must be a problem with IE. I wish I'd known about that a long time ago. How's it now?


I looked at the bios a week ago, and all the links were black on a black background. I like them.


The BIOS were gone this morning when I opened up PDD and now they're back!
I have witnessed the resurrection!

*mourns the passing of the bios*

Any chance for a redesign and a return?

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