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John Holden on MPR this morning

20071128_johnholden_2.jpgWell, we saw his featured video on YouTube and now comes the price of fame. John talks with MPR about the pain that comes with being featured on YouTube.

Yeah, I hear ya John. You put yourself out there and often you're being flip and off the cuff and then you get raked over the coals for every little thing you say. Like you said in the interview, most of the comments you can just brush off but some hit home hard. I've had that happen (though I've never had 2400 comments in my inbox) and it can make me feel physically ill. Some comments get in your head and roll around and around like a gerbil in a wheel and you just can't shake it.

Anyway, the interview is worth reading or listening to.


"A stadium full of idiots." Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

John's "Response to Being Featured on the YouTube Front Page," is better than the video featured on the front page.


I heard the interview this morning - thought it was great!
Even though I only caught the second half, I somehow knew it was about the guy who among many other things, draws the creepy/lumpy little people that have a bigfoot-like gait...
Internet fame always brings out idiots, but at least we like you. :D

courage; guts; a true performance artist. you go. don't apologize. and don't let them hurt you. their pain is their pain, not yours. keep it going! i'm impressed. if that matters at all...hi cha chee from lefty too

Hi to Jill and Lefty! Hope you are well.

*Good* for you. Good *for* you. Good for *you*.

Who is this creep?

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