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Interactive map

The DNT has kind of a nifty interactive map showing who donated what to the mayor candidates.

As the election is imminent any predictions on the exact numbers of the winners? If gambling wasn't illegal I'd start a pool. I'm thinking Ness 55% Bell 44%


I'm guessing it will be a lot closer than that, Edge. I'm thinking that the actually spread will be 1000 or less voters, and here's why. From what I've been hearing (completely anecdotal) there seems to be an age divide in the voters with younger voters trending toward Ness and older toward Bell. And, here's the thing, older voters tend to turn out to vote in bigger numbers than younger voters.

So, my prediction - Ness 51%, Bell 48%

Amanda Thralow for Bell

I think it's not so much age as geography. I say Bell wins, but Ness is going to take the core of the city. Bell is going to take everything west of Mesaba and East of 24rg ave east. North of Skyline too. It's going to be close, no matter how you slice it.

I think Ness will win decisively, perhaps Ness 59%, Bell 41%?

I predict all the closeted (or not so closeted) racists to go for Bell. But in my heart of hearts, I believe MOST of us aren't like that - so I predict a Ness victory.

However, I maintain an obstinate belief in the Tooth Fairy, the Great Pumpkin, and Santa, so YMMV

Bwah ha ha I was right! I'm kinda proud of Duluth today - and hope Mark Winson DOES come back.

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