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Indie Film Night Update!

Calling all filmmakers, screenwriters, and movie buffs! In case you haven't already marked your calendars for this once-a-year event, here's the latest. On Friday, November 16, IFP Minnesota is bringing its famed Cinema Lounge to the Duluth Play House. In addition, you can attend a free workshop to learn how to apply for the McKnight Filmmaker and Screenwriter Fellowships. The McKnight Foundation gives out four $25,000 grants each year. One of them could be yours!!

The rundown for the evening:

November 16, 2007
Duluth Play Ground
11 Superior Street

6:00 pm - McKnight Screenwriting Fellowship workshop
7:00 pm - McKnight Filmmaking Fellowship workshop
8:00 pm - CINEMA LOUNGE films and interviews with directors
9:30 pm - Party at Pizza Luce!

The films on the roster for the evening:

12 Moons On Gichigami by Mark Ryan (6 min.)
Cross Country with the Snakes by Hansi Johnson (13 min.)
Birds At Night (Might Fall) by Bridget Riversmith (3 min.)
Jesus Loves Me by Jason Page (2 min. excerpt from the upcoming feature, "God Rocks")
Resonance by Paul Creager (10 min.)
Broc by Steve Ash (20 min.)

Don't miss this night of cinematic inspiration! See you there!

For more info, see www.ifpmn.org.


Huh. With all the hullaballoo over "God Rocks" I thought it would be a feature length film, at least an hour, not just two minutes. Is that correct?

The Bridget Riversmith film will also be playing this Friday at Starfire's, along with artwork from the film.
Birds At Night (Might Fall) is a music video of a Cheerup Poems song. Check it.

It's probably just a teaser for "God Rocks!" Either way, last year was a lot of fun, and I'm excited to see what everyone's come up with this year.

Yes, you are right! Jason Page is showing an excerpt from his upcoming feature, "God Rocks." The two-minute excerpt is called "Jesus Loves Me." "God Rocks" will be bigger. Much bigger.

"Broc" has some great photography and effective lighting by Steve Ash. Original music from Tony Bennett. Looking forward to seeing the final cut.

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