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I bought Hazel a really warm snowsuit at Toys R Us down in the Cities. When I got home, we realised that they hadn't taken the sensor tag off the jacket part. Does anyone know how or have a way to take those off without ruining the jacket?


Just bring the receipt to another store that uses the same system (like Younker's). Good luck!

Just don't try to take it off yourself - often they have ink in them and it will explode all over the outfit.

I'd also email Toys R Us to complain about the inconvenience; maybe they'll send you a gift certificate for the next time you're in the Cities!

Bring the receipt and the suit into another store with the same system (like fonixmunkee said) and definitely don't try to take it off yourself. When I worked at the MOA I left a sensor on once and offered to drive 35 miles to the customers house to take it off I felt so awful about it. They did send a nice letter in about me to Macy's and I made the "oustanding employee" wall!

Ditto to what everyone else has said--I know when my mom worked at Penney's in Ashland, they helped people with getting security tags from other stores off a few times. I think people are generally pretty helpful with stuff like that. :+)

Look here.

Though, if it's a standard ink tag, really the quickest way is to burn the pointy top off with a lighter until you get to the spring and ball bearings. Remove the spring and allow the bearings to drop out and wha-lah! The only drawback is the smell. Best done out of doors.

here is the same question over at AskMe

Woo! Thanks for all the helpful advice and not a moment too soon! We got the tag off and Hazel was able to wear her warm snowsuit today! :)

turns out it was as easy as lopping the chrome button part off with a good pair of wire cutters.

And now you know how to get her a free snowsuit next year! :-)

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