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get out of the city!

awesome flight deals from northwest right now.

NW and Suncountry are competing right now for airfare sales. You can book to the following places for $98 - $119 round trip. Not sure if there is a minimum stay. Flights must be between 11/29 and 12/13.

Las Vegas
New York
Los Angeles
Dallas-Fort Worth
San Diego
San Francisco
Fort Myers
Palm Springs

We're seriously looking at taking a little trip to Seattle for a weekend. At $98 a round trip ticket, that's a great deal.


ah there's never any cheap flights to Mypos.

I couldn't find these deals wen I went to the NWA website.

Me neither--wonder if the window of opportunity's already closed, or maybe you've got to fly out of MSP or something...?

you know? i think it is out of MSP only. sorry.

Hey, it's still good to know about. :+)

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