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Get Local.


Just a reminder about the Buy Local event at Peace Church tomorrow. The PDD holiday shirts are done and will be there! Oh and there are 25 other local artists so bring some moola.


I was looking forward to this ALL week. But unfortunately, the snow HAD to ruin it for me :-( maybe next time.

I went and it was really nice. I picked up some homemade soaps and three smoking reindeer shirts! :D

I drove all the way to the Hillside, then realized that it was probably cancelled anyway, and turned around and drove home before I ended up in a ditch like all the people I passed on the way.

I canceled my trip over to the Ports for the day, too, because of the snow...Starfire, will you have any of these at your shop?

And by "these," I meant the t-shirts, not a craft sale. ;+)

Why yes I will (have the shirts at my shop.)

The Get it Local event was great and I was impressed at how many people turned out.

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