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From the Photo Archive | June 1991


It turns out, taping a prophylactic package onto someone’s baseball cap while he’s asleep is quite entertaining. The longer it takes for him to figure it out, the funnier it gets. If he makes it all the way home and his mother sees it, that’s comic gold.

The important thing is to not act natural, as if there’s nothing on his head. That’s no fun. You have to call him a rubberhead, and make strange comments like, “John, you certainly are ribbed for my pleasure this morning.”

Go ahead and get out the camera. Pose with him and point at the object of your amusement. You don’t have anything to lose, and if you get away with it, well, the laughter continues for at least 16 years.


who are those people in the picture? I only recognize you and Barrett. Also it should be noted somehow you look like you're about 12 when you're actually 17 or 18. And the weird thing is I swear you didn't look that young at the time. What's up with that?

You can recognize Paul and I? Because when I first saw this pic, I honestly couldn't.

its hard to laugh at the prophylactic-hat when there are so many mullet haircuts demanding my attention.

Mine is the fluffiest, and therefore the best.

Oh my God, I LOVE 16 year old Paul and Barrett! Spotted both right away.

Ribbed for your pleasure, indeed.

Is that Johnny Sipsas?

Chris - That's an actual 12 year old on the right, so you are sort of right.

Jeff - Yes.

Paul looks to be wearing a full denim outfit aka Canadien tuxedo.

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