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Eight is great

True conversation of four eight-year-old boys eating pizza at the Edge Waterpark, Nov. 1, 2007.

BOY 1: (to Boy 4) “”We have Ms.( Such and Such) as a teacher this year and she’s really funny."
BOY2: “But we didn’t have her as a teacher today.”
BOY 3 interrupts excited: “Yea! Yea! She left after music yesterday because she was sick and went BLAHHH!! (mouth open and tongue out - puking face) in the bathroom.”
BOY 2: And one time, when I was here before, this kid went BLAHH!! coming down the slide in the water pool.”
BOY 1: “That’s why you should wait an hour after eating to go swimming.”
BOY 4: “Do you remember last year when (girl classmate) went BLAHH!! All over your class table?!”
BOY 3: “ Yea. That was sooooo sick!”
BOY 4: “Are you guys done with your pizza yet? I want to go back in the pool.”


You should categorize this as "overheard in duluth."

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