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Duluth's tranquility threatened by lunatics

Prayer siege? Really?


the arrogance of Americans, combined with the desperation of belief at any cost. You lay hands on me without my permission and you'll need Jesus, or just a good doctor, to put your fingers back in place.


Wow. Now there's some shoddy exegetical work if I've ever heard it. And these guys wonder why Christians scoff at them. Isaiah 35 talking about I-35? Ridiculous. This is just kneejerk prooftexting in order to back a right wing agenda. It has nothing to do with Christianity whatsoever.

And if they did want to do something in the name of Christ, how about dealing with homelessness and hunger? How about dealing with violence and poverty?

Drives me nuts.

how'sabout fixing the rampant corruption, and hypocrisy that exists within the church before trying to "fix" the world?

If I-35 is the way of holiness, what is Highway 2 through Proctor?

the highway to hell?

(sorry. couldn't resist.)


Speaking of hypocrisy in religion, how about this one for ya:

Oral Roberts University President says God forced his resignation

oooh, i can't wait till they get up here. those god fearin wimmin can lay their hands on me! let the conversion commence! (and i'm not talking about me)

adam, are you in?


Actually, we've already had many a prophecy about Proctor and the so-called "Holy Highway" running through it. You see, the meaning of proctor is "A person appointed to manage the affairs of another or to represent another in a judgment," which is to say, someone like Yehushua ben Yosef, a king, or a wise leader. All we need to do is check chapter two, verse two the most important prophets of the bible- Baruch. God put it there because the first letter of Baruch in Hebrew is Beth (B), which has the numerical value of two in Hebrew.

The name Barach is derived from the Hebrew word for blessing, spelt BRKH. BRK has the numerical value of 222, and the last letter, Heh (H), is excepted because its numerical value is 5, and when H at the end or exact middle of a word is encountered it is skipped, at least by Christian scholars. The number 5 is representative of Christ- for specifics Google info on the Tetragrammaton- YHVH, and Christ's name YHShVH. In this sense, it can be seen as a "key," opening the Biblical prophecies meant for the post-Messiah period of history.

2:2 That the Lord would bring upon us great evils, such as never happened under heaven, as they have come to pass in [Proctor], according to the things that are written in the law of Moses:
2:3. That a man should eat the flesh of his own son, and the flesh of his own daughter.

Which is to say, the Bible was right. And I totally agree- a prayer siege would definately be the best thing to rid Proctor of its God-spiting evils, bringing it to bring it justice and sitting in judgement over its crimes.

Anyone with me? FIRE!

well shut my mouth

Isaiah 35 also says
"Then the lame shall leap like a deer" so, keep your eyes on the side of the road north of kettle river

do i see chewbacca praying at :50.... maybe thats just me.....

Well, smack me silly and call me Auntie Mame! raely, I think you're right! Or, almost. It isn't Chewie, but his brother in law, a born again prayer warrior recently cured of the homo-sex-sual disease.



They prayed so hard they brought the 35W bridge down.

I see tiny angels running across the road every time I'm around mile marker 213. That's usually when I get a bit sleepy on my weekly commute to/from TC.

I sure hope they don't set me on fire. OUCH!
Hey ZRA: can the kids and I sled down your front yard sunday afternoon? Maybe we could make it all the way to the brewhouse.

"It was so big it even attracted coverage in the local gay paper."

Wow. It must have really been something. Coverage in the local gay paper even.

By the way, if you take someone's homosexuality from them, do you become homosexual? Just wondering.

Yes, Paul, it's like when you take a photo of an indigenous person and you steal their spirit.

*starts jabbing big glass shards on the top of the stone wall surrounding my house*

(oh okay, it's an IMAGINARY stone wall. but it's getting bigger.)

Paul, the gay-ness, once liberated from it's inhabitant is free to flit about and possibly attach it'self to the nearest weakend victim. One must have a containment device handy, preferably something like a Yves SntLaurent knock off shoulder clutch from tjmaxx. Then, it's off to the WM landfill.

But, Baci, you forgot about stopping off at the "City Council/Don Ness/Endion/Baci Bash Kegger" with your Yves SntLaurent knock-off shoulder clutch just prior to heading to the WM landfill!

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