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Does this jacket say "Duluth" to you?

Apparently it does to Patagonia. I was surprised to see our sweet, cold city made it into this jacket's description. I guess we're famous. Check it out...

Smart enough for Soho, warm enough for Duluth. Feminine chevron quilting and a regular fit reduce the bulk but not the warmth of this sleek, smart hip-length jacket. Insulated with 550-fill-power premium goose down, it has a shell made from downproof 100% recycled polyester treated with a DelugeĀ® DWR (durable water repellent) finish. A floral print (except in Black) lines the body; a striped print lines the sleeves. With zippered handwarmer pockets and two internal drop-in mesh pockets. A single interior security chest pocket hides cash or cell.



Maybe they mean Duluth, Ga?

Isn't it so funny that we take such pride in the cold weather here in Duluth. I know I do, I had family come in from California during that cold snap around Super Bowl time(or February for the non sports fans) and I may have taken way too much enjoyment in watching the shock on their faces as the Minnesota winter air was working against their thin west coast blood. Why is this?

What is it about a jacket that makes it "smart"?

Whenever anyone complains to me about the cold weather we're having in NY my husband always tells them "Save it, she's from Duluth!".

Will we ever hear the description "smart enough for Duluth, warm enough for Greenland"?

I came back from San Diego for that cold snap and had my hopes shattered when the doorman at the new Nor Shor Strip Club said I couldn't come in cause it was past hours. I had to run back to the hotel before I got frostbite. Thank god for Johnny Red.

And when did chevrons become feminine?

warm enough for duluth? how about durable enough for duluth?

After five exhausting days of breaking trails along the shores of Park Point, I came upon a quaint little outdoors retailer next to a Tex-mex restaurant. It was there where I laid eyes upon winter outerwear perfection. With it's 550-fill-power premium goose down and sleek chevron fit I knew that this piece was smart enough for Soho, yet warm enough for Duluth.

That's only a level 2 jacket! No hood, not long enough to keep you warm, and ugly besides.

My level 3 jacket has twice as much down, an insulated hood, and it covers my butt. That's a Duluth jacket.

Ironically, Hansi Johnson (the guy who made the Cross-Country With the 'Snakes movie) was a Patagonia rep for a few years. I still rock the stuff he gave me for cat-sitting for him like eight years ago.

I'm not going to put the "Duluth" thing on him, but Patagonia seems to be pretty chill -- maybe he said Duluth was cold when he called into the the copy-writer/receptionist ...

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