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Culinary Bliss

What a night of culinary bliss... Ezra and I went to the Scenic for dinner. Yum. Yum. Yum.

To drink:

bellsporter.jpgBell's Porter

cheninblanc.jpgChenin Blanc


goatcheesepotstickers.jpgGoat Cheese Pot Stickers

Main Course:

DinnerRolls.jpgDinner Rolls

pan_seared_duck.jpgPan-Seared Duck

bistrofillet.jpgBistro Filet


1928_CremeBrulee.jpgCreme Brulee

turtletart.jpgTurtle Tart


if you used your blinker, an uncommon practice in Duluth, you should be forgiven

oops - blinker comment was meant for previous post (but applies anyway)

I’ve long described the Scenic as "the happiest place on earth". You can't go there and be in a bad mood. The people the place the food just oooze warm fuzzies. I went there again this past weekend .. I have to say though, my goat cheese pot stickers didn't look like that. They were smothered in beets and hazelnuts[?] and navy beans. It was quite a taste sensation.
I generally get excited by their fall menu, but have to say I miss a lot of things that were left off like the cheese sandwich and fennel sausage. I’m hoping last year’s goat cheese appetizer will make a debut on the special list soon. We were lucky that the butternut squash ravioli was the evenings special because that too has left the menu. The scallops .. lip smacking delicious. I have often left there as well with a new favorite wine. Kudos to their wine buyer for keeping it new and fresh.

I went there last Friday and had the seared duck which was delicious. My date had the scallops...interesting. We also shared the mussels on the app menu, they won the prize.

Traceydee, so were ours. I just couldn't find a photo of them and I didn't take a photo of them. They were SOOOOOO good.

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