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Continuing the Geek Fest...

It's cold out, so it's a good day for browsing teh intranet...

I present to you, courtesy of Yahoo! Tech, the Top Ten Tech Train Wrecks of 2007!

10. Xbox 360 hardware woes
9. BlackBerry service goes dark
8. Skype conks out
7. Fading picture for Apple TV (I must be a bad geek as I didn't even know Apple put out a TV!)
6. Sony shutters Connect
5. Palm gives Foleo the heave-ho
4. Vonage: stuck in the mud
3. Amp'd Mobile goes dark
2. Apple riles iPhone owners with price cut, hack-busting updates
1. HD format war drags on, begins to feel pointless



ooh ooh! i finally got the eye icon! WOOOOOT!

Apple TV isn't actually a TV, but a device that seems to be solely a conduit to get programming purchased from iTunes onto your TV. (Yeah, how could that possibly fail?)

Ironic1 and Edgeways are both up for the Eye. After that, it's going to be a looooong time before anyone else gets one.

(The Eye = 100 posts, by the way.)

Ahhh...the HD format. My Zenith is 11 years old. It is the first new TV I ever purchased so it still feels "new" to me. I had a small, portable black & white TV for about 25 years until the tube burned-out 2 years ago.

But my Dad recently purchased a big, skinny HD TV. I was there last night - the Grinch never looked so green and crispy before. I can't wait until I'm "forced" to buy one. Otherwise, I'd stay with the old Zenith until its last light fades.

I'm up for an eye? Hell I better scrabble and post some random piece of perfect gemness

I'd like to add my own...

#11: Dell sent me a brand new computer without the floppy drive I ordered (what? I have old graduate work on discs that I might need someday...). When I complained they sent me a floppy drive and told me to install it myself while telling me, "this model isn't meant to come with a floppy drive". Hmmm..curious since you SOLD it to me as an option.

This was in July and I'm still a little bitter. Thanks Dell. Oh, and the helpful Dell support guy tol me I might want to look into getting a high speed connection because it's really much better than dial-up. Ya think? Thanks genius! I'm on dial-up for fun and not because I live so far out in the woods that it's my only option other than paying $90 a month for satellite Internet. Dell support is so helpful!

Rant over.

I have the eye. The eye is mine.

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