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Compared to choking on your own vomit....

...watching this performance might actually be a desirable alternative, at least from Bon Scott's perspective, but not by much.

Celine Dion pairs up with Anastacia for an estrogenized rendition of "You Shook Me All Night Long." How did this only make the #3 ranking on Blender.com's list of all-time worst duets?


...projectile vomit!



no, really...


Oh yeah... that is actually very hard to watch. It is like hard rock special olympics.

well... I made it about 8 seconds in

omg.....celine's pelvic thrusts....my eyes....my ears....i want to go to vegas and throw my soiled underwears at them. were's cher when you need her godammnit?

Wow, that's just SO bad!

what are you talking about that rocked super hard

I kept thinking, "Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!"

More cowbell...

um...yeah....words can't explain how i feel right now...

...but sound effects can... *blargh!*

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