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Blog vs. Blog


They say to write what you know, so for tonight's Out of the Hat my script features a blog off between DCB and PDD. I'm afraid I make merciless fun of both blogs. No offense, but let's face it, we are a silly lot.

You can come see the show tonight at 7pm and/or read the script on ironic1.com.


I fucking love it! (I must hate america)

Oh my god, Ironic 1, you captured the essence of the two blogs perfectly! I laughed my ass off. Too, too funny -- though, it's been 2 days now, and I'm STILL having problems not taking on multiple IDs, arguing with myself, and insulting my other personas.

Great job!

oh, btw:

Hey Claire, you are mentioned over here at http://www.duluthnewstabloid.blogspot.com/ by the guy who wants to buy duluthcitizensblog...

Hi-larious. :+) (Illegal emoticon use.)

I thought the script was really funny. I wish I had some boxing gloves to lend ya.

Pretty funny. Also funny, and kind of ironic, is that when the DCB posted it's goodbye message, it misspelled "citizens" on the email it listed.

Absolutely hilarious, too bad I won't be able to attend the event (main event?).

I red that there script thing and that's what happens when the guvmint wastes my taxes on edgycation. You "misquoted" me. Thank God they're shutting down the libraries...buy yer own damn books.

Hi Ian -- I saw that I am called "a well- known left-leaning blogger" on Todd Fedora's website, I mean the Duluth News Tabloid. My 15 seconds of fame. Todd even sent me an email telling me he misses me on Citizens Blog. I wonder if he misses my half dozen other personas though? I miss them.

Claire...you only had 6 personas? I'm curioous what they were. I easily used over 50. I was a "unique visitor" each time!

By the way, when is PDD going to brag about its voluminous hits and unique visitors? I hope never....

Last night's performance was fabulous. I especially like the way they staged the multimedia round as a tango.

My prompts for tonight's script were Bruce Lee, an ant hill, a Dunkin' Donut, and the title I was given was "Kiss Me, Please" so naturally my show is all about eastern philosophy in the urban landscape.

And, if you are a glutton for punishment, I have a whole bunch of short plays on my website.

You know Claire that brings up an interesting speculation. Why did DCB close down just now? What if, and I don't claim this is true, what if one of the new counselors was the one running it?

edge, i posed that very question a few days ago (relating to DCB's demise and timing) abd then wondering if one of the fellas running the show got elected.

no way to tell for sure at this point, but they are grousing about it still on th DNT comment section...most are suggesting that the DCB got shut because of "liberal pressure." which is a joke in and of itself...

I'm sure the truth will come out soon enough.

I began noticing similarities between the personae writing and moderating quite a while ago, which really led me to believe that aside from Claire and her fifty three other nom de plumes, and the occasional post from c-freak, there really were only six or seven regular posters.

I only had SIX personae (hey I took Latin 101 in grad school), not 53! I do have a life! And sorry, Chester Park, other than my main persona, Claire, I can't reveal who I was. All I'll say is I tried to counter the homophobic and xenophobic rants in all my various postings under my six names. I do know my husband posted under two different names -- although a few people started impersonating him. It was annoying, b/c they'd post some really wacko, left-leaning statements, and then sign his name, to make him look totally crazed. I do believe that Todd Fedora and his gang decided to shut down the blog now that he won the election, it'd look pretty bad to have an elected official participating in such nonsense. But, man, like I wrote elsewhere, it's like reading the tabloids at the check out counter! I love to do it, but die a thousand deaths when someone I know sees me doing it! The DNT blog participants are claiming Edward Moody was one of the DCB moderators. Ouch, between him and Karl Spring, I'll watch Denny Anderson.

So from what I'm reading DCB was actually people from PDD arguing with themselves or perhaps saying what they really feel. I did some posting on DCB(only found it a couple of months ago) and what was funny was if I said something very liberal it would not be posted but if I said something conservative then it was. Yet they would allow liberals to post stuff. Then they would allow these real outlandish posts about a group of people or several groups and not allow the views from either side to continue the debate to it's conclusion. I was one of the last posters however.......the name was "taxed".

BTW I've found(not that I'm any expert on it) most sites only have a small group of people who do the most posting while you may have hundreds sitting by reading what is said.

I belong to a couple of sites where people just enjoy helping each other. The sites have membership in the hundreds and the same people do 90 percent of the posting.

Than again I am surprised more people from DCB have not come over here to cause the same trouble people here say they caused over there. Maybe DCB was set up by PDD to discredit conservatives. Conspiracy????

i know, claire...i was only taking a small jab at more prolific posters like ben dover/lib reader online/etc...(you can change your name, but your writing style is obvious)

while it did give the impression of multiple postings by multiple personae (there's that word again!), I'm convinced aside from the single posts by driveby grumblers, that the actual population of posters on the DCB actually numbered in the teens...

At best, the goings on within the DCB was a borderline libel case, but for the most part the truly defaming and slanderous content was (thankfully) omitted from the rolls.

The Missus and I have been speculating for some time about the identities of the moderator staff, as well as the owners of the blog, and it does seem likely that someone like Fedora could be behind the blog. Not speaking definitively of course...lest he get offended by his name being cast about...but it wouldn't surprise me in the least...If that turns out to be the case, it's probably better in the greater to quit the blog than risk damage to one's newfound political standing.

That said, we all know that what gets bantered about on the interwebs never REALLY goes away...and someone with enough time on their hands could indeed track down all this info.

I've been reading the DNT commentary and it seems like Tony (it's all aobut me, you know) Ramone and his endless self-promotion would be more than eager to take over the blog.

Well Fedora is now my counselor and I am on the neighborhood planning committee (or whatever the heck it is called), so if he shows up for that at our next meeting in the spring, as Laurie did, I'll see if I can ask him.

Given some of Edward Moody's other leanings, I'd be surprised if he was a mod.

I know Fedora posted on the DCB, though I'm not sure he had any control of it. Also, if he was involved in DCB and ended it once he got elected, how can he then be pointed to as the guy running the DNT tabloid site? You'd think he'd stop that too.

A few "liberals" would post on the DCB, or at least people a little more moderate than the regulars there, like those nutcases Ben Dover and 66RULZ. But what was posted and what was discarded was haphazard.

i agree, Tamara: if Ed Moody were one of the mods i'd be beyond shocked. it just seems way too sordid for someone like him to participate in. i think the people throwing that around are not aware of his "other leanings" and are trying once again to chum up with someone who will justify their racist vitriole. (see, this black guy is on my team, so therefore "those people" are just as bad as i say they are.)

That's a good point, HBH, the rumor that Edward Moody is one of the mods was probably a lame attempt to soft pedal the racism people felt free to spout on DCB. I got beat up on when I mentioned having lived near Penn in Phila. and how the students were not nearly as obnoxious there as I've sometimes found them here in my Chester Pk neighborhood. People were actually telling me to go back to Philly, they didn't want my kind around here.

If someone is pedaling racism I could think of a lot better targets than Mr. Moody.

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