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Beautiful Park Point spaces for RENT

Heres the plea. My roomie and I and two beatiful children live on Park point (on the Beach side!) We need other great, honest, trustworthy, child-friendly roommates (did I mention trustworthy)!

UpStairs: One bedroom available to share with mellow mama and 6 yr old. The kitchen is fabulous and has the best view of lake superior in town! $300 a month.
Down stairs, two, yes thats right, two bedrooms available to live with hip mama and 5 yr old. Quirky and cute living on the the beach! $200 ( i think) a month.

To good to be true?! I think not!
Leave a message for hip mama @ 218-343-5364

I wish I had a picture cuz you wouldn't believe it, oh yeah, women only please!


Man! I wish I wasn't already in a lease! :-) Beach AND cool kids! Oh well, good luck!

Lease? I wish I wasn't already in a Man!

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