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Art:21 at the Duluth Art Institute tonight!

Art:21—Art in the Twenty-First Century is a ground-breaking public television series that documents the state of visual art today. If you didn’t catch the series, or if you’d like the chance to discuss what you saw, please join us at the Duluth Art Institute’s Lincoln Center for free screenings co-hosted by your local public television station! Refreshments provided courtesy of WDSE Channel 8. For more information, please call 733-7560.

Monday, 11/19, 6:30-8 pm
Duluth Art Institute--Lincoln Center
2229 W. 2nd St.
Episode One: Romance. The first hour of Season 4 of Art:21–Art in the Twenty-First Century features four distinctly different artists whose works pose questions about the role of emotion, regret, fantasy and nostalgia in contemporary art.


I don't know if I would call it groundbreaking, sometimes it is interesting, sometimes it can induce aneurysms with its sheer bloody minded elitism. My god, the show last night had a segment about a fellow who mostly worked in white canvas, and who went on and on about it, needing to take months off after creating one of these installations to get recharged. One of the more idiotic things I've seen relating to art, and without a doubt I am very pro art.

I've noticed that Art 21 seems to focus on artists that are pretty established, able to have assistants, live in large airey houses and are pretty darned well-to-do. I do not belong in the "you have to suffer for your art" camp, but I also think the struggling, small time, living in a small town artists way outnumber the Chelsy hanging $9k a pop folks, and are just as valid as the over-thinkers who tend to view places like Iowa, Minnesota and everything west of New York and east of California as "fly-over country".

I wish I, or someone, was able to do an Allan Lomax treatment for all those fascinating individuals who live and work far removed from the big city centers.

There was an art show on PBS a few years back called Egg which I liked a fair bit better.

Having said all of that the piece that followed the "white canvas" bit was really quite good.

hopin to do that very thing, great way to put it--"Allan Lomax treatment" for artists here.

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