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A Little Political Farce for Voting Day


41 people from 23 countries become U.S. citizens in Duluth
The joy was contagious Friday afternoon, as 41 people from 23 countries became U.S. citizens in a ceremony at the Duluth Federal Building. They and their families and friends packed the courtroom...U.S. District Judge Richard Kyle presided over the ceremony, telling the audience that although they’d been citizens for only 10 minutes, their vote was already as important as his.

We asked Mayor candidate Charlie Bell how he felt about his new voting population...
Q: How do you feel about the new citizens we just made here today, just in time for the mayor vote?
A: I think people have moved into Duluth that don’t belong here. I think we see people walking the streets that don’t fit the identities, that don’t fit what we normally have, don’t fit the citizens that have lived here for years and years. They do stand out.
Q: W...what sort of people do you mean Charlie? Foreigners?
A: Ummmm wait no let me answer that question again.


Is this two different news stories put together for convenience?
I believe Charlie has been raked over the coals about his statements regarding crime last week.
The posting will not change my vote (I am not a supporter) but am confused by the posting.

(points to the word "farce" in the title to be helpful to heysme)

It's not meant to change anyone's vote. I know for a fact that Charlie is a good guy. I just thought it was funny. Read the subject line. It was just a bit of satire. I'm sure not everyone will find it funny - but I think some will. Sorry if it confused you ;-)

I do believe this post is a GODDAMN riot! Political re-mixing is something that politicians of this day and age simply have to deal with. It's certainly doesn't hurt when the politicians provide such delicious fodder of their own ; )

Point taken Mel.

Do all those new citizens reside in Duluth or are they from all over the state? I would imagine they were sworn in here because the Federal building is in Duluth.

Also some of the new citizens may have independent minds and know how actual African American activists in Duluth feel about Bell. Maureen Booth a longtime African American community activist speaking about Bell "I just met this man who was very respectful and courteous and kind,' and he was very encouraging about her participation." Maureen was talking about her daughters participation in the Spirit Valley Citizens neighborhood Development Association. Yep kind, respectful, and encouraging to African Americans what a racist this guy is.

I personally will be glad when this election is over, regardless of who wins. I did not see too much negative campaigning by the candidates, but why do they need to when their campaigners do it for them?

I'm not saying that a little levity in the face of politics is a bad thing. I'm just tired of all the sniping that's been happening on PDD. At some points, I was confused about which blog I was reading, PDD or DCB.

My two cents, I suppose...

After I heard this I was actually set back. I was going to vote for Bell this morning, but instead I voted for Ness. I don't want anyone that is racist in office.

anarchy, i know Maureen Booth very well, and we are good friends. since there's no way she will find this blog and be able to defend herself, i will say that, though i differ greatly with her choice of Bell, she is a very outspoken, very smart woman, and i know one thing without a doubt: if she has decided to continue to support Bell even *after* his incredibly stupid comments in the noted DNT interview, then she has or will very soon sit Charlie Bell down and tear the poor man a new one. (and i say "poor man" only because i know that Maureen will do her best to make him feel the shame he so very much needs to feel after those comments, and she'll do it with no mercy.)

so make no mistake, anarchy, Maureen is no fool who would have read Charlie's comments and shrugged and said, "oh, he didn't mean it *that way*." she may be speaking differently as a campaign volunteer, but privately, the man's going to get a hiding, if he hasn't already.

not to mention the obvious fact that a single African-American activist does not speak for "actual African American activistS". no more than i as a white activist speak for White Activists. it is exactly this monolithic expectation of spokespersons that gets us into all kinds of trouble. as an avowed anarchist, it's interesting that you would miss that point in this instance.

AnarchistS work in mysterious ways.

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