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November 30, 2007

LOW on Yo Gabba Gabba

Has anyone pointed this out yet? This is a clip of Low (sounding a LOT like Radiohead, I mean jeez...) playing Family Tree on possibly the best show on television, Yo Gabba Gabba:

Seriously. This show is incredible. And for pre-schoolers. I assume drugs would make it more awesome for those incapable of experiencing awesome on its own terms. It's plenty awesome without artificial sweeteners though. Go to YouTube and start watching. The Elijah Wood dance is insane.

Compared to choking on your own vomit....

...watching this performance might actually be a desirable alternative, at least from Bon Scott's perspective, but not by much.

Celine Dion pairs up with Anastacia for an estrogenized rendition of "You Shook Me All Night Long." How did this only make the #3 ranking on Blender.com's list of all-time worst duets?

Evel Knievel

Evel Knievel October 17, 1938 - November 30, 2007

Get Local.


Just a reminder about the Buy Local event at Peace Church tomorrow. The PDD holiday shirts are done and will be there! Oh and there are 25 other local artists so bring some moola.

Our Landfills Are Wildlife Habitat?

I'm sure many of you have seen this truck or one similar. For those who haven't I thought maybe you'd like to be disgusted as well.


Click on the photo to be taken to Waste Management's Minnesota Customer Service Comments page if you'd like to speak your mind directly to the source.

November 29, 2007

The A-List*


With all the seriousness lately on PDD, I thought we should bring to the forefront one of the most serious issues facing PDDers today: which A-list stars are going to be on Celebrity Apprentice? Yes, Donald Trump has promised one of the most intriguing Apprentices yet, chockful of A-list celebrities to compete for $250k donated to the celeb's favorite charity. Yes, that's right, A-list stars, the Donald promises!

The A-List:

Stephen Baldwin
Gene Simmons
Tito Ortiz
Lennox Lewis
Carol Alt
Vinny Pastore
John Cena
Marilu Henner

Check out that list - winners, all of them! A-list for sure!

I know, I know, it doesn't *seem* like it will be important but come January when we are all shivering in our hovels and it's pledge season (again) on PBS, you'll be thanking me!

*I feel sick.

Just another day in Ely




Duluth's tranquility threatened by lunatics

Prayer siege? Really?

Continuing the Geek Fest...

It's cold out, so it's a good day for browsing teh intranet...

I present to you, courtesy of Yahoo! Tech, the Top Ten Tech Train Wrecks of 2007!

10. Xbox 360 hardware woes
9. BlackBerry service goes dark
8. Skype conks out
7. Fading picture for Apple TV (I must be a bad geek as I didn't even know Apple put out a TV!)
6. Sony shutters Connect
5. Palm gives Foleo the heave-ho
4. Vonage: stuck in the mud
3. Amp'd Mobile goes dark
2. Apple riles iPhone owners with price cut, hack-busting updates
1. HD format war drags on, begins to feel pointless


Robot Love


Roombas Gone Wild.


Trying out new Poll widget.

John Holden on MPR this morning

20071128_johnholden_2.jpgWell, we saw his featured video on YouTube and now comes the price of fame. John talks with MPR about the pain that comes with being featured on YouTube.

Yeah, I hear ya John. You put yourself out there and often you're being flip and off the cuff and then you get raked over the coals for every little thing you say. Like you said in the interview, most of the comments you can just brush off but some hit home hard. I've had that happen (though I've never had 2400 comments in my inbox) and it can make me feel physically ill. Some comments get in your head and roll around and around like a gerbil in a wheel and you just can't shake it.

Anyway, the interview is worth reading or listening to.

November 28, 2007

Zoning and the City Council

Did anyone else read the article in the DNT about the college kids getting evicted for not having a license to rent? The webblog has some great comments too. I have never posted here, but I was curious what other people thought about this issue. I think the 300 foot rule doesn't do anything to solve the real problems.

Someone also brought up that many of the City Councilors are landlords and own many properties (Conflict of interest?). It also sucks that if you had to rent out your house if you lost a job, had a divorce, or something else you probably can't. How many areas of Duluth have no rentals within 300 feet of another?

What do you think?

Traditional Oils and Bob Ross Workshops

Winter At The Farmpddsize.jpg

Whether you're a traditional painter or are getting started with Bob Ross, you won't want to miss this workshop on creating misty effects in oil. Great for plein air painters working wet-in-wet. Click here for 25% savings on Gift Certificates.

Fog at UMD w/Al Sparhawk


Fog w/Alan Sparhawk
UMD Rafters
Tonight (Wednesday)

Free for UMD students
$5 for the general public

Brother Ali at CSS


Brother Ali
College of St. Scholastica's Mitchell Auditorium
Thursday, November 29

Speech and Q&A: Noon - 1:40pm
Concert: 8pm

Cost: $5

More information here.

November 27, 2007

Too much time on their hands

Some people have too much time on their hands... Admire their creation, the "Does-Nothing-O-Matic"

10-1 vs. 10-1

Where you gonna watch the Packerz game Thursday nite at 7? (Its only on the NFL Network). I'm thinking Norm's in Superior, even though it tends to be more of a Vikings bar.

Training for Birth: Yoga, Massage & Bodywork

Come and learn how yoga, massage, and bodywork keep you comfy during pregnancy, prepare your body and mind for labor, and encourage baby to find the optimal position for birth.

Discuss, ask questions and enjoy demonstrations with practioners of:
Structural Integration
Cranio-sacral therapy
Prenatal yoga
Chiropractic care

Thursday 11/29 at 7:30 p.m., Stone Ridge Christian School, 115 E Orange, Duluth
Yeah, it's free!

soviet retro-futurism!

I love how cool the future used to be.

Disney's new princess

Disney's "Enchanted" kept a middle-aged mom, 9-year-old boy and 6-year-old girl laughing. It's a Disney Princess movie that makes fun of the Disney Princess genre.
The lady who did the voice of Ariel plays a small part. You'll remember "The Little Mermaid," of course, as the movie where a 16-year-old mermaid falls in love at first sight with the first human she ever sees, then proceeds to defy her father, make a deal with the devil, give up her voice and arrive naked on a beach, her only hope being to make the man fall in love with her in three days.
This movie seems to be an apology for all that.

November 26, 2007

Triumphant Return of the DCB


Hold on to your butt's gang, it looks like the old eagle may fly again. Hope everybody can remeber their 7 or so screen names and start the ruckus all over again. Something tells me there are some sore losers in this town.

get out of the city!

awesome flight deals from northwest right now.

NW and Suncountry are competing right now for airfare sales. You can book to the following places for $98 - $119 round trip. Not sure if there is a minimum stay. Flights must be between 11/29 and 12/13.

Las Vegas
New York
Los Angeles
Dallas-Fort Worth
San Diego
San Francisco
Fort Myers
Palm Springs

We're seriously looking at taking a little trip to Seattle for a weekend. At $98 a round trip ticket, that's a great deal.


I bought Hazel a really warm snowsuit at Toys R Us down in the Cities. When I got home, we realised that they hadn't taken the sensor tag off the jacket part. Does anyone know how or have a way to take those off without ruining the jacket?

November 23, 2007


The DNT gets P.C.

alas, the last bastion of "free speech" (read: the ability to slander and slag a person anonymously in an open forum) has fallen.

Good luck...

"Given three containers that hold eight, five, and three quarts respectively, how do you measure out a single quart?"

November 22, 2007

The polls are closed.

Thank you all for participating in the first ever PDD Holiday T-shirt design contest. It was a very close race, so close that I have decided to print the top three designs. So without further ado the winners are (in no particular order.)

The Abominable Snowman goes shopping.



perfectdayduluth - Andrew Saur.jpg

Smoking Reindeer


The shirts will be available next week at my shop and I will have them for sale at the Buy Local gift fare at the Peace Church on December 1rst.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Support Our trOOPS?

Soldiers who've served in Iraq and are being released from duty due to serious injury are being asked to return their signing bonuses for their inability to fulfill their commitments.

IMO, the treatment that injured vets (or vets period) receive in this country is appalling...

Fortunately, Pennsylvania Representative Jason Altmire is introducing a bill that would prevent the D.O.D. from requiring seriously injured servicemembers to return their enlistment bonuses...

November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving


Be thankful you didn't skid out on the exit ramp.


And be thankful your dog didn't skid out on the couch.


Also, be thankful you checked your laundry for hidden ink pens, so they didn't skid out in the dryer.

DDD-Old Man with a Ponytail Preview

A very special short sneak preview of the podcast that will soon be changing the way Duluth thinks. Enjoy this clip from the much-anticipated first episode of (codename: DDD) featuring the northland's premier radio talk-show host, Lew Latto!

Find it HERE:

Happy Birthday, Dorothy


Dorothy Arnold would be 90 years old today. We should all be watching The Phantom Creeps right now.

November 20, 2007

hot shiat

duluth tawker = superior briliance

With excitement like this, who is needing enemas?


cars & trucks cd release show

cars & trucks
retribution gospel choir
equal xchange
mark lindquist

luce. saturday 11/24
10 p.m.
all ages

UMD students write about Central Hillside

The student-run Duluth Community News project is up and running. Reporters and editors from UMD journalism courses are spending the semester writing stories about Duluth's Central Hillside community and plan to publish articles, photos and multimedia projects throughout the semester.
Use the categories to look for articles based on themes including:
Little-known artists
Issues in the Hillside
Faces of poverty
Breaking news

I've got two turntables and a problem


I've had this record player a long time. I think my brother bought it in the 1970s. Now, tragedy has struck.

The two F's have been in the news for a while: flooding basements and foreclosures. The two of them combined to do me in.

When a family member's house was foreclosed, part of my basement became a storage area for her belongings. When the water started making it's way into the basement, the piles of stuff had to be moved into higher, dryer piles. It seemed like the safest thing to put my record player on top of one of the piles to keep it from being crushed, but instead the pile tipped over and the record player crashed to the floor.

I finally have the basement cleaned up now, but the record player just doesn't work anymore. Oddly enough, the same relative who was foreclosed on offered up her record player before this happened, but that one doesn't work either.

When I lifted the turntable to try to find the problem, I saw the rubberband-like belt was loose. I didn't know for sure how it was supposed to be strung, but I'm guessing like this:


Is that right? If not, how should it be? If so, what else can I do? Is there someone who can fix this thing? Should I just buy a new one? Or a used one? Somebody save me, please. I have all these awesome records and two broken turntables.




Don Ness, Sr. performing at UMD in "An Evening of Foolish Ness"

November 19, 2007

Art:21 at the Duluth Art Institute tonight!

Art:21—Art in the Twenty-First Century is a ground-breaking public television series that documents the state of visual art today. If you didn’t catch the series, or if you’d like the chance to discuss what you saw, please join us at the Duluth Art Institute’s Lincoln Center for free screenings co-hosted by your local public television station! Refreshments provided courtesy of WDSE Channel 8. For more information, please call 733-7560.

Monday, 11/19, 6:30-8 pm
Duluth Art Institute--Lincoln Center
2229 W. 2nd St.
Episode One: Romance. The first hour of Season 4 of Art:21–Art in the Twenty-First Century features four distinctly different artists whose works pose questions about the role of emotion, regret, fantasy and nostalgia in contemporary art.

Get Yer Vote On!

Below are the most excellent entries in the 2007 PDD Holiday T-shirt Design Contest. Now it is your turn to vote. Send me an email with your favorite 3 designs. I am participating in the Get It Local gift buying event at the Peace Church on December 1rst so I may be making more than one of the designs.

Thanks to all that submitted I wish we could make em all.






perfectdayduluth - Andrew Saur.jpg

perfectdayduluth - Angel Sarkela-Saur.Andrew Saur(AIver8).jpg






November 18, 2007


Dear Mr. Paul Lundgren,

Will you please book Leslie Hall for next years Geek Prom.

Thank you.

November 17, 2007

Perfect Duluth Xmas City Parade


O body swayed to music,
O brightening glance,
How can we know the dancer
from the dance?

November 16, 2007

Overheard at the Xmas City Parade

"I can't tell if that smell is coming from that horse, the dogs from the animal shelter, or Miss Barnum."

But what will you do at these dives?


I was going to comment in the “Best Dive Bar” post, but Hotrod has apparently made my thoughts irrelevant. Also I’m not getting involved in a conversation that claims that the Rustic and the Belknap are dives – cheap, strong drinks + pull tabs ≠ a dive bar. So I guess I’ll start a new entry:

Along with the drinking season comes drunkenness, which often leads to plugging the jukebox with your boozing money. (Alcohol, as we may remember, impairs judgment.) I believe these to be among the greatest songs you can punch in.

For what it’s worth, my selections are based on a couple of factors. These include:

a) Length of song I like the Minutemen and all that, but I can’t rationalize spending money for 45 seconds of music.
b) Likelihood everyone in the bar knows the words Because when you’ve got a roomful of drunken strangers and you want to be amused, few things are better than spontaneous karaoke.
c) Odds that my choice will piss off almost everyone Every once in a while, you need to put the party in check.
d) And, of course: Total awesomeness of the track.

+ “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” by Meat Loaf: Goddamn, this is a long song. And it’s got Phil Rizzuto giving the play-by-play of Meat Loaf trying to hook up with some girl. Best of all, there are no ambiguous feelings about this song – half the people will be stoked that it’s on and the others will be asking, “Is this still that song?” Any time you can create dichotomy in a bar, you are doing something good.

+ Anything by Hank Williams, Johnny Cash or Willie Nelson: You rarely will go wrong. Plus it’s pretty funny when Willie sings, “Hello, ceiling …”

+ “Take This Job and Shove It” by Johnny Paycheck: It depends on where you’re at, but if beers cost less than $3 and it’s mid-afternoon, you can bet that someone in the place has recently quit a job. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to hear the whole story, with all the embellishments.

+ “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen: Everyone knows the words. If they have a BAC above 0.04, they will sing along. During the “Galileo” section, vocal cords will be shredded. Excellent. (See also: “American Pie” by Don McLean.)

+ “Coma” by Guns N’ Roses (on Use Your Illusion II): I actually like this song, but it’s ridiculously long – even after hearing it roughly 500 times at the bar that used to be across the street from Centerfolds, I still can’t tell when it’s wrapping up. If you play this song back-to-back, you will have some explaining to do.

+ “Keep Your Hands to Yourself” by the Georgia Satellites: One time, we were in Curly’s at like 3pm and I put this on. The place erupted; I didn’t think anything could get that sort of reaction out of a group like that short of a career-ending Bret Favre sack. Bonus: Brad Nelson told me that he got passed in a ski race by a guy singing this song and it utterly demoralized him, and that still makes me laugh.

+ “Flirtin’ With Disaster” by Molly Hatchet: This is the official soundtrack of every barroom scrap that began because … uh … well, that guy said something

You Spin Me Round.


Does she spin clockwise, counter-clockwise, or both? An explanation can be found here.

Me? I saw the clockwise spinning girl.

WakeUp Walmart!

Hi folks,
One of the parts of my new job at UFCW Local #1116 is to coordinate the WakeUpWalmart campaign. Now, I'm not going to inundate the blog with stuff, but I did get some really neat posters for windows/lawns that represent the current campaign against the Wal-Mart and China joint venture. I have them available for anyone who would like them. They are stylized in the manner of the Chinese flag: red with 4 yellow stars and a frowny Wal-Mart face in place of the sickle. Leave me a comment here with contact info if you'd like one!

If anyone would like more information, you can contact me at tjones at ufcw1116 dot org.

Let's see if I get the eye on this post or if I'm still a lowly star... woo!

Dane Disses Human Habitrails

A Danish urban planer recently visited Minneapolis and chided the city for their skywalks saying, "I feel sorry for Minneapolis." A Latin American public parks planer concurred saying, "They suck the public life out of the city."

Well, you fancy pants foreigners can just go back to your Ikea apartments and tropical paradises. We gots to lives here! I, for one, loves me some skywalks.

Photo by Starfire.

Edit 12:16 pm:

For the Girl from the North Country and other Replacements fans, this version for the lyrics...

This version for the fun!

Cross-Country with the Black-Eyed Snakes In Duluth!

I didn't see this posted here, but I'm sure many of you know about it...the film "Cross Country with the Black-Eyed Snaeks" is going to be playing at the Banff Film Festival at the IMAX on Sunday or Monday (Nov 18 & 19). I'm not sure what day it's playing, unfortunately.

Tickets are $15 a day (or $25 for both days), and can be purchased at fine local retailers. Here's a link to an article about the film in the Pine Journal, or read on if you don't want to register to read the article:

Local film selected for Banff Mountain Film Fest World Tour - will show in Duluth Sunday and Monday
Pine Journal - 11/15/2007

Thompson filmmaker Hansi Johnson’s latest work, “Cross Country with the ‘Snakes” is heading across the country.

As part of the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour, Johnson’s film, featuring cross country skiing punk musicians, will be shown in over 275 communities in the U.S. and around the world. The tour will make stops early next week in Duluth and this weekend in Minneapolis.

Judges chose Johnson’s film as one in the top 50 of over 300 submitted entries.

“I was definitely pumped to hear it,” he said.

In its 32nd year, the Banff Mountain Film Festival features films described by the tour as, “Sure to captivate and amaze the explorer within you,” through themes as diverse as the “Exploration of remote landscapes and mountain cultures to adrenaline-fueled action sports.”

Johnson’s film combines cross country skiing with the punk/blues rock music of the Duluth band, the “Black-Eyed ‘Snakes,” documenting the band’s tour through Colorado and Utah in 2005. Brad Nelson, drummer with the band, is an avid skier who tried out for the Olympic ski team during the ‘90s, and he got the other band members, Alan Sparhawk, Justin Sparhawk and Bob Olson equipped with skis and they skied during the day and played music at night.

As a serious cross country skier, Johnson’s experience in racing and other hardcore athletic endeavors led him to the idea of portraying the sport as one of action and aggression, along with a good dose of humor.

“Cross country skiing is almost always portrayed with classical music,” said Johnson. “To me, it’s a punk rock sport and I thought I could make a connection between the two.”

Johnson received judges’ comments, however, and some of them didn’t necessarily warm to the marriage of punk music and cross country skiing.

“They said they loved the movie, but not so much the music,” he said with a laugh.

The film also features footage from a vintage film called “The Cross Country Experience with Bill Koch,” a world-renowned Olympic skier. Nelson had written to him while in middle school and received a postcard that inspired him to reach for an Olympic goal.

“The film shows the power of skiing and the power of how Bill Koch affected Brad in skiing, music and in life,” he said. “I wanted it to be gritty and real and show all the band members who ‘rock’ on stage and on skis and have a great time doing it.”

Johnson produced the film with the help of a McKnight Foundation fellowship and he’s pleased he was able to make a film with the money that people are appreciating.

“If it makes five dollars I’ll be thrilled,” he said of the film, which is for sale on the Internet at www.chairkickers.com.

“Cross Country with the ‘Snakes” had its world premier at the Free Range Film Festival in July. The film was also accepted at several other small film festivals including another one in British Columbia.

Johnson will be at the tour screenings in Duluth and in Minneapolis and will participate in a question and answer period afterward. This is Johnson’s second film. His first, “Switch to Receive,’ documented a back country telemark group caught in an avalanche in 2003.

Stuff Stockings on Saturday

Charitable Crafters will be concluding the "Stuff a Stocking" campaign this saturday. We've collected close to 280 handmade stockings and a bunch of stuffers and we'll have them all at St. Luke's Clinic Building (across from the Northland Medical Ramp) in room 329. We'd like to invite everyone to join us and help us stuff stockings for donation to such organizations as Head Start, YWCA Young Moms, CHUM, and the Life House.

We'll be there from 8-4, there will be cake to celebrate our 10,000th donation around 1:30, and there will be a free Learn to Knit opportunity from 10-3 with yarn and needles provided, also for free.

Please join us!

Top Five Dives

The nights are bitter cold. The sun is setting at 4:30pm. People are posting on PDD about ladies’ winter jackets. All of this can only mean one thing -- the beginning of the drinking season is upon us, folks. And to help get us all ready on this Friday, I’d like to ask one question:

What are your Top 5 Twin Ports dives?

You can have your Carmody Irish Pub, your Fitger’s Brewhouse, your so-called Loochay, with all their hipster posing and their frou-frou beers. It’s time to get down to some serious drinking. Where do you go? And don’t tell me you go to the Kozy, because let's face it, you don’t.

Here’s mine.

1. The North Pole
2. Hero’s (formerly the Pioneer … their apostrophe, not mine)
3. The Rustic
4. Curly’s
5. Mama’s

Answer in the comments below, or, post your more elaborate stories above.

November 15, 2007

Does this jacket say "Duluth" to you?

Apparently it does to Patagonia. I was surprised to see our sweet, cold city made it into this jacket's description. I guess we're famous. Check it out...

Smart enough for Soho, warm enough for Duluth. Feminine chevron quilting and a regular fit reduce the bulk but not the warmth of this sleek, smart hip-length jacket. Insulated with 550-fill-power premium goose down, it has a shell made from downproof 100% recycled polyester treated with a Deluge® DWR (durable water repellent) finish. A floral print (except in Black) lines the body; a striped print lines the sleeves. With zippered handwarmer pockets and two internal drop-in mesh pockets. A single interior security chest pocket hides cash or cell.


Come on People.


OK. I know the deadline for the contest was yesterday but only one of you have submitted a design so I am extending the deadline till Saturday at 5PM. That should give you folks who were working on something that little extra time you needed.

See you at the Parade!

November 14, 2007

And the winner is......


Assisant Homeland Security Secretary Julie Myers has applogized after awarding first prize in a holloween costume contest to a white man dressed as an african american in a prison outfit. Myers, who also heads the Imigration and Customs enforcement said she deeply regretes that this has happened. The winner was dressed in a stripped uniform, dreadlocks, and dark makeup.

is that a Oops, or a Whoops?


TACONITE - Tonite Wed, 11/14/07 @ Twins Bar w/Heavy J & The Fantastics! 9:30-11:30 Stay, Torii, Stay


The Duluth Eskimos: the team that saved the NFL!


Hey, PDDers:

Just wanted to let the Duluth History Fans and Local Sports Fans (few though they may be) on the blog know about X-comm's latest book:

Leatherheads of the North: the True Story of Ernie Nevers and the Duluth Eskimos

We also have have (or will by Friday) Starfire-produced long- and short-sleeved t-shirts featuring a nifty Eskimos throw-back logo as well:


If you want a signed copy of the book (think Holiday gift...), there's a whole list of signings and a bunch of other info on the book at http://www.x-communication.org/xcomm/books/leatherheads.html.

Thanks for letting me use PDD for the shameless promotion of commercial products.

Tony D.

We even made a commercial--push play to check it out.

Beautiful Park Point spaces for RENT

Heres the plea. My roomie and I and two beatiful children live on Park point (on the Beach side!) We need other great, honest, trustworthy, child-friendly roommates (did I mention trustworthy)!

UpStairs: One bedroom available to share with mellow mama and 6 yr old. The kitchen is fabulous and has the best view of lake superior in town! $300 a month.
Down stairs, two, yes thats right, two bedrooms available to live with hip mama and 5 yr old. Quirky and cute living on the the beach! $200 ( i think) a month.

To good to be true?! I think not!
Leave a message for hip mama @ 218-343-5364

I wish I had a picture cuz you wouldn't believe it, oh yeah, women only please!


Get the handbook to learn how to organize your own extraterritorial prison camp. Provided by the nice folks at Wikileaks.

Is your debt trap sticky enough?

The tongue-in-cheek Predatory Lending Association offers handy tips for payday lenders to extract maximum profits, including a Working Poor Finder, Racial Profiling tool and calculator to figure out how much lenders will make off their usury.

"I was able to turn my heat on for 2 weeks with my payday loan.”

Jake G. Parsons
Duluth, Minnesota

Tonight! Radishes!


Or possibly not. But Chris Koza will be performing at UMD with his wonderful band (fresh off a West Cost Tour). I suggest you go. But thats just me.

Wenesday, November 14
UMD - Rafters
Free to UMD Students w/ U-Card
$5 Non-UMD

Listen to Chris's music
Here and Here

and to add (at least try) just a bit more value to your evening, I'll be playing a short set prior to Chris. It will include 2 new songs, 3 revamped old ones, an obscure (for my generation at least) cover, and an impromptu medley of songs the audience wants to hear.

We'll see you there!

November 13, 2007

who wants to be an otter?

float 2004 divers.jpg   4.jpg vv.jpg
this friday! it's that time of year again and GLA needs 2 otters for the christmas city of the north parade. it's a blast. ask jess or heimer, former otters. get a hold of me for details.
our sever crashed so email me at [email protected] or call if you have my #.

Duluth has been WOOTED

Today's humorous product description at woot.com (where I recently purchased my Roomba known as Dirtbot 3000) mentions our friendly frozen city.

Skype’s The Limit

Tom: I…I just…I just don’t understand. I thought we had something special. I thought we had something worth waiting for.

Amy: It’s just too hard, Tom. Me, here at podiatry school in Ontario, and you, off drilling for oil in Uzbekistan. It’s tearing me up inside. I can’t do it anymore.

Tom: But what about the Skype phone I sent you? We can talk all the time now. And it’s all free, since we’re both Skype users. I can even call you free or cheap when you’re home visiting your folks in Duluth.

Amy: Yeah, assuming your Internet connection works.

Tom: You know I can’t help that, Amy. Think about where I am.

Amy: I know, I know. It doesn’t matter. The telecommunications infrastructure of Uzbekistan is not the problem with this relationship.

Tom: Then what, Amy?

Amy: Remember when we met, Tom? When I found your tooth on the ice? You looked so dashing pummeling that power forward from Knife River. Remember how huge his Adam’s apple was?

Tom: Heh, yeah. My knuckles are still scraped up from whaling on that dude.

Amy: And you told me you had this three-year contract to go to Uzbekistan, and we gave each other those rings with the little hands holding the heart, and it was all such a whirlwind. My heart got caught up in the drama, the desperation. All those passionate letters from you covered in those crazy Uzbek stamps, the occasional crackly phone call where we tried to say so much in so little time. Every little scrap of contact with you meant so much to me.

Tom: Me, too. So what’s the problem?

Amy: The problem, Tom? The problem? The problem is these damn Skype phones. It’s too easy now, Tom. How can I work up a good yearning when I know you’ll call every day? And, well…I don’t want to be cruel…

Tom: What? What? I have a right to know.

Amy: Well, now that we talk so often on our Skype phones, I’m starting to realize that you’re really boring. Like, really, really boring. When you’re droning on and on about the gelogical strata of the blah blah blah, I mean, God help me. I can’t stand it anymore. Life’s too short and the world’s too big.

Tom: But I -

Amy: Shhh. We’ve said enough. You’ll only make it worse. A part of me will always love the man I thought you were. Fortunately for me, it’s a very tiny part.

Tom: Please, Amy, don’t -

Amy: This will be the last time we ever speak, Tom. Goodbye. I’m hanging up my USRobotics USB Internet Speakerphone now. I hope you can find the strength to do the same.

A Family Affair Re-visited

xmas cards.jpg
Family members, some from hundreds of miles away, came to Duluth to attend the Xmas Card Workshop held at Ace Hardware on November 10. Two members had never painted before but produced some pretty nice 18x24 oil paintings that will be made into xmas cards.

Learn more about upcoming Bob Ross workshops and great Holiday specials by clicking here.

this morning.


Public Arts May Be Under Attack!!

http://www.duluthnewstribune.com/articles/index.cfm?id=54146§ion=homepagepublic art.jpg

In an attempt to beautify the city, it has been proposed to cut the Public Arts Commission within the city council. I think all of the uncleaned bird droppings will add a new dimension to the art in Canal Park, don't you?

November 12, 2007

Thank you, Billy....

In honor of Billy Crystal winning the Mark Twain Award, here's a little something to help you spit out your morning coffee:

Festival of the Seasons

Saturday Nov. 17 between 10am and 4 p.m. The Duluth Farmers market at 14th ave E. and 3rd street will be having a their Festival of the Seasons. There will be food and gifts from the northland ,such as , crafts, pasties, centerpieces, custom garlands, cookies, wreaths, ornaments, Princess pine wreaths and I also will be showing my Aeirial Lift Bridge pictures. So if you missed my opening because of the cold weather, dress warm and try this one.

November 11, 2007

The Anchor Bar


Lots and lots and lots of jalapenós at The Anchor Bar

I went over across the bridge this weekend for a burger at The Anchor Bar. While there I encountered an individual eating a jalapenó burger with three patties on it. I called over to him saying, 'Hey, let me get your picture - I'm putting you on the Internet.' To which he turned, attempted to put his face around the behemoth burger and let me capture this image.

- sam_h

Look on YouTube

John Holden has the featured video.
Titled "You, Me, & Problems With the World".

White to green, fade to stress


Now that snow is back, we can be ourselves again. Even the morning rush-hour dusting we got the other day reminded us that God is in heaven and all’s right with the world. We cursed the cautious drivers among us even as we slid toward the lake on smooth summer tires. We reveled in complaining about the idiotic – was he from Florida? – motorist whose cluelessness froze up the Blatnik. And, oh it was such a roundabout slowpoke commute over to the Bong and back to the big city. We were so happy.
We saw women in pastel scarves and bearded men in their grungy knit caps pulled down to snowflake-moistened eyebrows. Our boots left tracks once more and so did deer hooves. Coffee tasted richer. Cross country skiers could chortle about reclaiming the golf courses for their own playground. Where’s that sparkplug wrench for the snowblower?
But the white roofs turned back to black, the snow on the lawn evaporated. Green clings to plants on the patio, near the house. Birches still harbor leaves with tight grips. Public water fountains have been dry for weeks, but you can see more steam rising from sewer grates, a few extra faces pressed to the window of passing buses. Most pumpkins are orange slick spots in the alley, stolen and smashed, covered by snow, then uncovered.
We await the flooded ice rink, the bumping scrape of plow on asphalt, the snarl of power sleds in the ditches. Colored lights will blink to life on the city tree this week.
I’m fretting, ‘bout a brown, Christmas,
Just like the one we had last year. . . . .

November 09, 2007

From the Photo Archive | Winter 1990


We called it the Denfeld Luge Team, though it wasn’t sponsored or governed by Denfeld High School, and it involved nothing more than sliding on $7 orange, plastic Paris-brand sleds.

It was an occasion to play dress-up, more than anything. The stupider you looked, the better team member you were.

The object of our brand of luge was to crash into your fellow lugers in the most violent manner possible. The popular method was to tailgate someone about to hit a jump. If your target wiped out after the jump, you could hit the same jump and land on top of him.

Central path was the main “luge run” in West Duluth, but it was also common to sneak onto the ski hills at Spirit Mountain late at night or head over to Lincoln Park for a mad bomb down the steep hill leading to Miller Creek.

There were a few injuries. Most were just scrapes across the face caused by the guy who wore iron miner’s gloves and loved to grab people’s heads. I think Mehling chipped his tailbone once landing a jump on the rocky bottom of Central Path, but he just kept on sliding.

Vadnais had his foot nearly torn off his leg once. It was a late-night luge run at Lincoln Park. The guys were supposed to pick me up when I got home at midnight, but they couldn’t wait, so they went for a few trial runs.

When I got home, I suited up and waited and waited and waited for my ride. When the phone finally rang, at around 1:30 a.m., I was so angry about how long I had waited that I answered by saying, “Someone better be dead.” After a short pause, Potter said: “Well, pretty close. Vadnais broke his ankle really bad.”

Fifteen years later, that ankle still bothers Vadnais, but if you ask him he’ll tell you it was worth it.

Blog vs. Blog


They say to write what you know, so for tonight's Out of the Hat my script features a blog off between DCB and PDD. I'm afraid I make merciless fun of both blogs. No offense, but let's face it, we are a silly lot.

You can come see the show tonight at 7pm and/or read the script on ironic1.com.

first snow

Not much progress on Arrowhead this morning. . .


Ely needs an MRI


Ely's hospital (Ely-Bloomenson) is in serious need of a new MRI...but these suckers are 'spensive!
Fortunately they're in the running for a new machine, but here's the catch: there's an online contest to award some lucky community hospital the new machine.

it runs on votes (of course) so naturally, the hospital with the most votes wins...

SO...community conscious PDDers...head on over to WELY.com and click the link, watch the vid and vote...


November 08, 2007

I Loved That Machine...


Where and How?

So I know that it is fairly sad that I have lived in Duluth for 25 years and am just now finding the whole "Duluth Scene" so this may be a captain obvious question. Where does one find a PDD sticker or t-shirt? I saw a sticker on someones car the other day and have seen a t-shirt out and about but haven't asked where they got them. I am going to California over Christmas and would love to rock a PDD shirt out there.

What happened to that machine?

it was in Fitgers. this picture will be 3 years old on Monday.

Sister Disco

hamface.jpg keithmoon.jpg

I am thoroughly convinced that my beautiful sweet innocent little daughter is indeed the reincarnation of Keith Moon.

Anyone who knows their music history knows about Keith Moon. While on tour with The Who, he was quite infamous for destroying the hotel rooms that he stayed in. When I say "destroy," what I actually mean is that Mr. Moon had an intensely mischievous streak in him that started around the age of four or five and manifest itself quite frequently in his adult life. The rooms that Moon stayed in while on tour were left in shambles quite often...to the casual observer he literally tore the place to pieces. These antics were instrumental in getting him blacklisted from hotels all over the world. But, what most didn't realize when surveying the room's disaster firsthand is that Moon would actually dismantle every bit of furniture piece by piece and position them in a fashion that gave the appearance of being wreckage.

Yes, I'm aware he also liked to suspend couches from upper story windows and toss cherry bombs down flushed toilets...but that's not the point.

The point is that my sweet darling daughter has all the makings of a very clever and precocious and quite impish little girl...

She is very quickly getting the knack of being able to...piece by piece...dismantle...things that she feels would look much better strewn across the floor. And we're not just talking about a basket of stuffed animals or a box of blocks. Every day she finds a new way of taking apart pens, VCR remotes...toys...

That's not the half of it.

This past weekend we were staying at a hotel in Grand Marais...nice place...king bed, whirlpool in the room...cable, the whole bit.

Two hours in the room and...Hazel had uprooted both the telephone and the alarm clock, strewn a half roll's worth of toilet paper AND dispersed the recycling and garbage can's contents across the floor.

It really looked as if a pint sized rock band had been staying there.

SO...my daughter is the reincarnation of Keith Moon.

I'm sure of it.

written by ezra... posted with permission...

"Birch" Pottery Sale

email size display.jpg

Pottery Sale
830 N Lake Ave
(corner of N. Lake and Skyline)
Friday, November 23


The Business of Being Born

This weekend Duluth is hosting a preview screening of The Business of Being Born, a documentary produced by Ricki Lake (yes, that Ricki Lake) on birth in the American health care system.

Saturday, Nov 10, 1pm
Duluth Play House (in the tech village)
$7 at the door

Proceeds go to Birthing Ways Doula Connection and ICAN of the Northland.

(p.s. Hi, it's me, your old friend Marisa. I used to post here with embarassing frequency before two little parasites took over my life.)

Like it or Lump it?


So I'm thinking about 86ing the PDD Bios portion of the website. Very few people use it, and almost no one ever updates it. I'd like to pare down the PDD features to reduce clutter and make it so everything is easier to find and use.

What do you guys think? Should we trash it or keep it?

Let me know in the comments or by emailing me at [email protected]. If I got rid of it, I'd probably do it in a week or two.

Actors Needed

chickenhamlet2.jpgOne day commitment!

Morning: Get script.
Afternoon: Practice, practice, practice.
Evening: Perform.
Night: Party, party, party.

What could be better?

Out of the Hat 10 could use a few more actors on Friday (Nov. 9) and the more the merrier on Saturday (Nov. 10). Again, it's only a one day commitment and it's a lot of fun. Contact Brian Matuszak for more information.

Oh, and when you perform on Saturday you have a roughly 1 out of 8 chance of performing a script written by our new mayor. You have the same odds of performing a script that I've written, but don't think about that right now.

November 07, 2007

So, the question is ...


Which one is Mr. Duluth?

No more duluthcitizensblog

Not that it is that big of a deal, but I noticed the conservative duluth whining contest blog is no longer in operation. Where will that amazing local political fervor be able to outlet now?

Matt Zaun

From Sarah Heimer...

"You may have heard about Matt Zaun's passing...but if you haven't, he died in his sleep on Saturday night in Eau Claire after going to a Black-eyed Snakes show. Anyway, he was and is one of my dearest friends and I am going back to Fargo..... this time to bury someone. I guess I'm asking you if you can find someone else to draw some funny pictures for this upcoming Transistor and please try to not run my comic again because that is ghetto and I just don't think I'll be able to pump one out this time. Maybe Sean Elmquist could come up with something. I found out about this Sunday night. What a shock.Thanks for understanding. --Sarah."

Hear more about Matt Zaun here and here and here.

If anyone knows how to get a hold of Sean Elmquist / Mic Trout, please have him email me.

Thanks To All

Apostle Islands Sunset pddsize.jpg

Saying thank you to everyone who attended the "Before The Lights" Exhibit. The complete online view is available here. Hope you'll take a look and any comments would be appreciated.

Best CD's of 2007

10. Field Music ‘Tones of Town’
9. The Shins ‘Wincing the Night Away’
8. Panda Bear ‘Person Pitch’
7. Feist ‘The Reminder’
6. Trampled by Turtles ‘Trouble’
5. Wilco ‘Sky Blue Sky’
4. Radiohead ‘In Rainbows’
3. Iron and Wine ‘Shepherd’s Dog’
2. The Bees ‘Octopus’
1. Andrew Bird ‘Armchair Apocrypha’

Anyone else got a ten 10 yet?

Bookish types unite!

If anyone is up for a bit of education outside of Duluth there will be an amazing speaker at Fond du Lac Community College in Cloquet next Tuesday, November 13th at 1:00 pm.
Loriene Roy runs the American Library Association and founded and directs "If I Can Read, I Can Do Anything" a book club for Native children and “Honoring Generations,” an IMLS-funded graduate scholarship program for indigenous students.
There WILL be refreshments

November 06, 2007

dj focus & david stromdahl @ red star - saturday november 10th

Classic soul, disco, funk, hip hop, electro, synth pop, etc.

The best 70's, 80's and 90's cuts on 12" vinyl for your dancing pleasure.

Don Wins!


Congratulations Donny!

It's interesting to look at the precinct by precinct breakdown of the vote. Bell won all of the western precincts and Ness took the rest. While I didn't hear a lot of east/west rhetoric it obviously was in play.

The final count was:

CHARLIE BELL13,99447.30%
DON NESS15,39852.05%

I had predicted a Ness victory with 1000 or less vote margin and the percentages at 51% and 48%, so it wasn't quite as tight as I predicted, but I was in the ballpark.

By the way, this is PDD post number 2000.

Official Results

Official city of Duluth election results can be found here. (You'll need to refresh occasionally as numbers start to come in tonight.)

Ness FTW!

War and Roses

There are two great noon events on the UMD campus this week, one affiliated with my workplace, Alworth Institute for International Studies, and the other is being sponsored by the Master of Advocacy and Political Leadership (MAPL) Program.

“Sewing Seeds of Resistance: Colombia Flower Unions, U.S. Policy and the Struggle for Dignity”

Thursday, November 8, 2007
Alworth International Brown Bag
12:00 p.m. in the UMD Library Fourth Floor Rotunda
Presented by Lydia Lopez and Witness for Peace
Co-sponsored by UMD’s Hispanic, Latino, Chicana Learning Resource Center.

Lydia Lopez is president of Untraflores, an independent flower workers union representing the areas surrounding
Bogota, Colombia. This union primarily consists of women who have organized in order to improve their working
conditions on the flower plantations. Lopez will speak about anti-union campaigns waged against flower workers in Colombia as well as specific attempts to bust Untraflores.

"Back from Iraq: From War Veteran to Peace Activist"

Presenter: A discussion & pictures from the front lines of the war in Iraq by Sergeant Daniel Fanning, MAPL student.

Superior resident Daniel Fanning saw the destruction and effects of the war in Iraq firsthand. He served in Iraq as a transportation specialist with the Wisconsin Army's National Guard Transportation Company from December 2004 to December 2005 and was able to travel throughout the war-torn nation. Fanning came to the conclusion that the American military presence is causing more harm than good. Since returning home, Fanning has become an advocate for withdrawing immediately from Iraq.

Fanning is also a student in the unique Master's Degree program at the University of Minnesota Duluth, seeking a Master of Advocacy and Political Leadership. The degree is designed to teach students how to impact public policy in ways they think should be done. He'll present his views to his classmates and to the general public.

Where: The Rafters, Third Floor of the Kirby Student Center, University of Minnesota, Duluth
When: Saturday, November 10, 2007
Time: 12:00 Noon
Free and open to the public.

good luck donny!

i'm following things as best as i can considering my where abouts. ooh, someone give jeff anderson a big hi-de-ho hug from me & jess as well....go duluth. let's beat that 52% voter turnout.

a horrible oversight

How is it that the Geek Prom has no entry on Wikipedia? That's in violation of the word geek.

Friday, 11.09 + Cheer Up Poems


* | **

PDD Holiday T


It's contest time again. Design a holiday themed T-shirt for PDD and you could win! The deadline for submissions is November 14th at 5pm. The voting will begin shortly after that and the shirts will be ready to purchase on Black Friday (November 23.)

Design rules after the jump.

The Rules.

a) Download and use the
Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop templates
to create your design. If you don't have either of those programs there are free open source programs that you can use.

Illustrator Template

Photoshop Templates

b) The theme is "PDD Holiday T" feel free to interpret this however you like. The words Perfect Duluth Day must be incorporated in the design,

c) Keep the design to 4 colors maximum, remember you can use the shirt color as part of the design.

d) To enter the contest send me a JPEG no wider than 450 pixels on the shirt color of your choice (provided with the templates.) If you win the contest we will coordinate getting the full quality version.

e) The winner will receive $50 and a couple of shirts.

If you have any questions drop me an email or call me at the shop (218) 464-0403.

Good Luck!

Culinary Bliss

What a night of culinary bliss... Ezra and I went to the Scenic for dinner. Yum. Yum. Yum.

To drink:

bellsporter.jpgBell's Porter

cheninblanc.jpgChenin Blanc


goatcheesepotstickers.jpgGoat Cheese Pot Stickers

Main Course:

DinnerRolls.jpgDinner Rolls

pan_seared_duck.jpgPan-Seared Duck

bistrofillet.jpgBistro Filet


1928_CremeBrulee.jpgCreme Brulee

turtletart.jpgTurtle Tart

To whom it may concern

I almost killed you when I tried to change lanes in the tunnels on 35 today. I think I recognized you but couldn't be sure. Regardless, I'm really very sorry.

I drive a green van, but please don't hunt me down.

If I can do anything to make this right (if its still bothering you), or you just bitch at me, send me an email. Sorry.


A Little Political Farce for Voting Day


41 people from 23 countries become U.S. citizens in Duluth
The joy was contagious Friday afternoon, as 41 people from 23 countries became U.S. citizens in a ceremony at the Duluth Federal Building. They and their families and friends packed the courtroom...U.S. District Judge Richard Kyle presided over the ceremony, telling the audience that although they’d been citizens for only 10 minutes, their vote was already as important as his.

We asked Mayor candidate Charlie Bell how he felt about his new voting population...
Q: How do you feel about the new citizens we just made here today, just in time for the mayor vote?
A: I think people have moved into Duluth that don’t belong here. I think we see people walking the streets that don’t fit the identities, that don’t fit what we normally have, don’t fit the citizens that have lived here for years and years. They do stand out.
Q: W...what sort of people do you mean Charlie? Foreigners?
A: Ummmm wait no let me answer that question again.

November 05, 2007



Ellery [ellerymusic.com] performs tomorrow night with David Mehling:

"Tasha and Justin Golden combine skillful, melodic instrumentation, intelligent but unassuming lyrics, and captivating vocals to make engaging indie pop on Lying Awake." (Paste Magazine)

"The husband-wife duo has been done before, but rarely with such grace and style as in the music of Ellery." (Columbia Free Times)

Beaners Central
Tuesday Nov. 6th
7pm 5$
w/ David Mehling

That New Theater place/space

thursday • 11.08.2007 • 5–8PM • free

Teatro Zuccone (the Renegade Comedy Theater space—which, incidentally, is hosting their Out of the Hat Plays #10 this weekend) will host a grand re-opening Thursday evening (11.08) at 5PM. Teatro Zuccone, 222 E. Superior St. (726.5430). They got rid of the pole.

Light refreshments (beverages and edible items commonly served between meals, but not intended to substitute for meals—e.g., coffee, soft drinks, doughnuts, sweet rolls, fruit, & cheese) served. No word on the Lion Rouge.

Indie Film Night Update!

Calling all filmmakers, screenwriters, and movie buffs! In case you haven't already marked your calendars for this once-a-year event, here's the latest. On Friday, November 16, IFP Minnesota is bringing its famed Cinema Lounge to the Duluth Play House. In addition, you can attend a free workshop to learn how to apply for the McKnight Filmmaker and Screenwriter Fellowships. The McKnight Foundation gives out four $25,000 grants each year. One of them could be yours!!

The rundown for the evening:

November 16, 2007
Duluth Play Ground
11 Superior Street

6:00 pm - McKnight Screenwriting Fellowship workshop
7:00 pm - McKnight Filmmaking Fellowship workshop
8:00 pm - CINEMA LOUNGE films and interviews with directors
9:30 pm - Party at Pizza Luce!

The films on the roster for the evening:

12 Moons On Gichigami by Mark Ryan (6 min.)
Cross Country with the Snakes by Hansi Johnson (13 min.)
Birds At Night (Might Fall) by Bridget Riversmith (3 min.)
Jesus Loves Me by Jason Page (2 min. excerpt from the upcoming feature, "God Rocks")
Resonance by Paul Creager (10 min.)
Broc by Steve Ash (20 min.)

Don't miss this night of cinematic inspiration! See you there!

For more info, see www.ifpmn.org.

November 04, 2007


For Immediate Release

The felt puppet running for Mayor of Duluth, Minnesota has been shot at a rally in front of about 100 people by unknown assailant/s who are still at large. The candidate had just delivered a PowerPoint presentation on his "New Freshness" plan for Duluth. The unknown number of assailant/s fired from a crowd and disappeared amid the ensuing chaos. The candidate's assistant, Allen Richardson of Gonzo Science, did not immediately return phone calls seeking comment. All video was confiscated by an apparent Homeland Security agent at the scene. A number of blurry digital stills from different angles have surfaced that will be posted and analyzed at www.myspace.com/mrniceformayor.

The Mr. Nice for Mayor Campaign
Jim Richardson
Campaign Manager

Interactive map

The DNT has kind of a nifty interactive map showing who donated what to the mayor candidates.

As the election is imminent any predictions on the exact numbers of the winners? If gambling wasn't illegal I'd start a pool. I'm thinking Ness 55% Bell 44%

November 03, 2007

Mr. Nice on the AP Wire

Puppet Running for Mayor in Minnesota [Fox News]

November 02, 2007

Billiards al Fresco?


Indian Point Campground in West Duluth has an outdoor pool table under a gazebo. There's never anybody around at this time of year, so you'll probably have the run of the place. Bring your own balls and cues, and watch out for deer.

Eight is great

True conversation of four eight-year-old boys eating pizza at the Edge Waterpark, Nov. 1, 2007.

BOY 1: (to Boy 4) “”We have Ms.( Such and Such) as a teacher this year and she’s really funny."
BOY2: “But we didn’t have her as a teacher today.”
BOY 3 interrupts excited: “Yea! Yea! She left after music yesterday because she was sick and went BLAHHH!! (mouth open and tongue out - puking face) in the bathroom.”
BOY 2: And one time, when I was here before, this kid went BLAHH!! coming down the slide in the water pool.”
BOY 1: “That’s why you should wait an hour after eating to go swimming.”
BOY 4: “Do you remember last year when (girl classmate) went BLAHH!! All over your class table?!”
BOY 3: “ Yea. That was sooooo sick!”
BOY 4: “Are you guys done with your pizza yet? I want to go back in the pool.”

From the Photo Archive | June 1991


It turns out, taping a prophylactic package onto someone’s baseball cap while he’s asleep is quite entertaining. The longer it takes for him to figure it out, the funnier it gets. If he makes it all the way home and his mother sees it, that’s comic gold.

The important thing is to not act natural, as if there’s nothing on his head. That’s no fun. You have to call him a rubberhead, and make strange comments like, “John, you certainly are ribbed for my pleasure this morning.”

Go ahead and get out the camera. Pose with him and point at the object of your amusement. You don’t have anything to lose, and if you get away with it, well, the laughter continues for at least 16 years.

Cool Feature for PC Users

The Duluth Public Library now has downloadable audio books, free for anyone with a library card, a PC and a non-iPod mp3 player.

The skinny:
- They're free! You only need a library card (in good standing) to download them.
- The downloads are not compatible with Apple products (Mac computers or iPods), since they use a Microsoft DRM. (Bill Gates donated pretty much all the computers to the DPL, so ...)
- They're probably not Linux compatible either, but I don't know for sure.
- You check them out like any other library book. They "expire" after two weeks. If someone else has the book "checked out" you have to wait, just like real-world library materials.
- You can check out up to 10 audiobooks at a time.

Download the audiobooks here. And let me know how it works. I'd use this feature, but I'm a Mac guy.

greenparty mayoral candidate



"Before The Lights" Art Exhibit

The Fish Camp pddsize.jpg

I hope you'll join me for the "Before The Lights" Exhibit, November 3, 11:30am-3pm. "Before The Lights" is a pictorial essay about life on Lake Superior before the advent of the modern lighthouse system prior to 1900. We're going to raffle off some bottles of premium champagne (you must be 21 and other prizes. We'll have some snacks, coffee and other beverages, too. I'll look forward to seeing you there. You can view more details here.

November 01, 2007

PDD on Final Edition

The subject of blogs came up last week on KUWS' Final Edition. I held off on posting about it until they posted the full audio on their website.

The discussion about PDD and other blogs happens about halfway through.


Joel Anderson (Moderator): "Do you guys in the working ... working journalists ... do you have to monitor the blogs? I mean, is that something you have to do? No? Just like you monitor the other stations or monitor radio?"

Greg Grell (WDSE - Almanac North): "Myself, I don't monitor them, but if somebody gives me a heads-up then I'll take a look. But ... you know, there's so much. There's a few different ones like Perfect Duluth Day ... that's a particularly liberal one. There's others that go the other way, and really so much of that on there is ... one person's opinion, and many times one person's uninformed opinion, that it's ... it's just not something I think you should spend a lot of time with. Sometimes, though, you know somebody will write something that is absolutely false about your organization and I think in that case, you know, you may want to ... at least keep tabs on it, whether or not you respond to it in any kind of official way ... at least try to set the record straight behind the scenes or whatever."

Ron Brochu (Daily Telegram): "There was a time when I watched one in Duluth, the uh ... what do they call it, the Citizen's Blog or whatever ... I don't know ... you know, really, if I wanted to listen to a bunch of totally uniformed whackos, you know, whose mouth is much bigger than their brain, I'd just go to a bar."

Mike Simonson (KUWS): "Well, you know what? I hadn't really been reading blogs until I ...."

Greg Grell (interjects): "Would you like to refer to a specific whacko?"

Joel Anderson: "Or a specific bar?"

Greg Grell: "Just so we can get something else started here?"

Ron Brochu: "About 95% of them, maybe."

Mike Simonson: "But you know, there is some good conversation on blogs, and it's conversation and people want to find stuff out, and then there's the people who are absolutely sure of everything. That they are absolutely right, and they'll name-call, you know, other people if they disagree. And to me, OK, that's when I'm done reading that blog, because now I'm wasting my time and I'm getting offended, and I'm not learning anything new."

Greg Grell: "I like it if somebody reasons and argues, but argues with an open mind ... and you're absolutely right, Mike ... there are some people that ... the name calling part is the part that really disturbs me. And it seems like in our society today, and I don't know if it's, you know, if it's what's been happening culturally or what it is, but it does seem like there are very few people that can argue a point without getting in, you know, to the mudslinging, to the name-calling. You know, they don't have an answer apparently, so instead they just belittle the person that they're debating with."

Mike Simonson: "You know, and I hope that that is going away. You know, I may be stupid and naive to say that, especially going into the 2008 election, you know that's right around the bend. We remember how awful the 2004 election was."

Starfire Lounge at the Burrito Union


Greetings Comrades!

The Starfire Lounge is moving; for now at least. Starting tonight and every Thursday till the end of the year the Lounge will be at the Burrito Union. DJ Flueck and I will kick things off around 9:30 tonight. Hope to see you there.

If you are interested in a guest DJ slot send me an email.


Your Art Can Be Part of The Permanent Architecture of Downtown!

Tinderbox is announcing a call for submissions for the Second Avenue Revitalization Project!

Artwork will be displayed on the old concrete ballasts on the Second Ave. sidewalk. It will be part of the permanent (or, long-term, but unspecified length of time) fixture.
We are looking for four different works which should be approximately 14" wide by (up to) 48" tall. The final work must be produced on either steel or aluminum (which will be provided to the selected artist(s)).
Samples and design ideas will be accepted until 30 November. Finalists will be announced 14 December. The artwork is expected to be installed by 1 February.
Submissions will be accepted at Tinderbox, 22 N. Second Ave. E. Call Nikki at Tinderbox for more info, 7278042.

Thanks for helping to make Duluth more aesthetically pleasing. And good luck!

fine print: the final artwork will be considered a donation to the city's public arts commission and the work may not be returned to the artist(s).

Trick or Treat!

Fargo Ozzy / Zombie Concert Goers Busted in Sting Party

paullaney.jpgAbout 40 lucky people who were going to the Fargo Ozzy Osborne / Rob Zombie concert earlier this week got a special invitation to a pre-party from PDL productions. These people were all special because they had outstanding warrants, were delinquent on their child support, and so on. When they showed up to this PDL party Paul D. Laney (pictured), the local sheriff, was there to welcome them with open handcuffs.

Once again, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

I have to hand it to the sheriff's office there in Fargo. This was clever.

Rolling Stone

West Central Tribune

WTF Charlie?


DNT: Do you think crime is getting worse in Duluth?

Charlie Bell: Yes.

DNT: Why so?

Charlie Bell: I think people have moved into Duluth that don’t belong here. I think we see people walking the streets that don’t fit the identities, that don’t fit what we normally have, don’t fit the citizens that have lived here for years and years. They do stand out.

Read the whole interview regarding crime in Duluth with Charlie Bell and Don Ness here.