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You Are The Deciderer

The Duluth Chamber has a candidate forum. Which… is a slight change in direction from their 2000 PAC ads.


My favorite Bell quote was while he was responding to a question regarding crime, specifically a few robberies. When asked how he would address the issue, Bell said, "Well, I'd put together a plan immediately, to deal with it. Umm, we let this escalate again to the heights that it's at today. We should have been paying attention and nipped it right away, put the pressure on these people moving in. We have to figure out why are they coming to Duluth. Well, we know certain things. We know that, umm, drugs, for the drug related crimes, they're getting more for their product in Duluth than they are in the twin cities and Chicago, that's one reason they're here. Umm, I think we have to look at, umm, the revenue that's, umm, available in programs that we have. Umm, how do we make sure that that money that's available to the people that deserve it and need it is going to the right people? We need to look at things like that. Ah, but we need to put a plan together, a united plan, and we need to incorporate the St. Louis County Sheriff's Association, Superior Police, why not the Highway Patrol, and then the Duluth Police, and then the judicial system too. Because if we go after these people and we incarcerate them and they get out after a day, that's wrong too. So we have to look at all aspects of it, do a plan.”

First of all, he didn’t address the specific question with regard to the robberies. I assume he’s intelligent enough not to be insinuating that folks from the twin cities are committing robberies rather than our own citizens and a couple from Two Harbors.

Second, his suggestion about making a plan sounded good, but what might that plan be Charlie? Oh, you mean the plan about working with other law enforcement agencies? That sounds terrific! Wait, isn’t Duluth already doing that? Hmmm, let’s think, hasn’t Duluth been a part of the Lake Superior Drug and Gang Task Force since 1990? And doesn’t that organization bring together the very law enforcement agencies you mentioned? In fact, the city just renewed their commitment to that partnership in 2006 with council resolution 06-0066R. Guess who brought forward that resolution? Oops, that was actually your opponent, Councilor Ness.

But Charlie Bell has a college degree! That means he must be smart.

when pressed, bell is a deer caught in the headlights. or a bull running thru a barbed-wire fence.

Wow. This is the first time that I have ever heard about a Duluth mayoral candidate address the problem of the influx of Chicago gang bangers coming to the city for the great welfare and easy theft targets to support their crack sales, prostitution, and other crimes. If he can put together a plan to curtail Duluth's largest crime base, I'm all for it. Oh, don't believe me? Ask anyone you know on the Duluth PD...off the record, of course.

Where can I get a Bell yard sign?

But Skud...You don't get welfare from the city...which means that they can just as easily have stayed in the cities and gotten the same amount of money...and Chicago Gangbangers aren't eligible for welfare unless they happen to be female.

St Louis County has the highest bennies for social programs than anywhere in the country. And when a player has 9 hos in his stable, thats a lot of monthly WEFFA money.

Please point me to this information that shows county social service benefits for the entire country.

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