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yes virginia, there are gay deadheads

dead billboard.jpg


Oh, I'm not hating. Not gay people anyhow.

But none of my best friends are Jerry fans. What's up with the Dead's continuing hold over the northland? And how about the way in which they've somehow infected indie rock? I long for the old days, punk rock kids on one side, hippies on the other. None of this Devendra Barnfart intermingling.

I can still hate hippies, right?

talk about copyright infringment.

Don't hate the hippies,
hate the patchouli smell!

Q: How many Deadheads does it take to change a lightbulb?

A: None. They let it burn out and follow it all over the country for thirty years.

Ever been to Trampled Evening down @ Luce? hippies, punks, all sorts of wierdos partying it up together...that's Duluth for ya.

wait, didn't we wander down this path a while back?

that's why it is a path, it's been trodden before

I love neo-hippie-ism.
Definitely shows someone who thinks for themselves!

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