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World Series TV coverage abysmal

Fox Sports' coverage of the World Series is bad enough to make a lifelong baseball fan give up on the game. To begin with, Tim McCarver and Joe Buck suck. Oh, but they dress so well. They look like mannequins inn a department store window. You'd never know McCarver played in the major leagues. His analysis is so pathetic, and he never has an interesting anecdote from his playing days to share. He must not have had any friends as a ballplayer and it's easy to see why. He has this professorial, didactic air about him, talking down to the viewers as if he had insight instead of his Blinding Flash of the Obvious repeated over and over again. McCarver racks his simple brain to comd up with a pun, and then he hammers you over the head with it by using an affected voioce to emphasize his (dim) wit. His patronizing, lecturing tone is so annoying I can't stand it. His sidekick, Joe Buck, does not hold a candle to his father, Jack Buck, who was a genuinely fine play-by-play guy. It's clear to me that Joe pulled a lot of strings and dropped daddy's name to all the networks in order to get his mitts on a microphone. He is bland, blase, conceited, boring, supercilious, one dimensional and phony. Teamed with McCarver, they are truly the worst thing about the best sport. Don't get me started about Fox' tactic of using goofy sound affects to accompany their visual graphics and the way they cleverly show a slo-mo replay after EVERY SINGLE PITCH so McCarver can say he told us so. Does anyone else think this Fox baseball coverage is the worst ever?


I didn't really notice that the coverage was terrible. Maybe that's because there's nothing outstanding about it.

Your review is spot on. Fox has been doing this for years (sound effets, etc.). This style has been the growing trend: an attempt to make baseball more 'exciting' and 'action packed' for overstimulated, football watching americans who think baseball is boring.

Sorry but baseball is boring...

It's not! It just requires a different level of attention than other sports. Sure it's not as fast paced, but there's as much tension, skill and competition as in any other team sport.

I think I heard on the radio that they also edited in fake cutaways of the crowd holding Chevy banners.
(The banners were real, the crowd was pre-recorded)

I mean the whole thing was prerecorded - I've also heard about digitally altering the ads around the outfield.

But it could all be conspiracy theory.

digital altering of ads around the playfield is nothing new. They've been digitally editing in ads on the blue mat/screens on the wall just to the left and right of home plate for quite some time. For instance: One inning (or at bat) will feature a Chevy ad and the next will be something completely different.

Wish there was some way to hack that, that would be sweet.

Did Joe Buck ever get to say the word jib-jib? Conan O'Brian said he would donate $1000 to a charity of Joe Buck's choice if he said it on air during the world series.

The video cuts to close up of faces was so frequent, that I was getting seasick. It must be even worse on a HDTV. "In your Face" TV!
The green background on close up shots...
Now we have commercials during the game, not just between innings...
The constantly annoying irrelevant trivia. You have a computer. Big Deal!
and yes, they should just shut up!
I had to watch it because I am a Sox fan.

I now completely agree with you. I actually listened to them last night, and they didn't say anything interesting! They just kept repeating the same old garbage over and over again about each specific player. They also seemed to be majorly sucking up to management.

By the way, did anyone else think it was weird and really lame that Fox didn't pay for some schmoe to be stationed at a Boston bar, so we could see the celebration there? I was totally shocked that they had NO footage of Boston fans going nuts. Who cares about the suits getting the trophy? I wanted to see some Boston mayhem!

So what is more disgraceful: Randy Moss' mooning guesture at Lambeau field, or Fox' decision to abandon the game so they could dissect the earth shattering news of A-Rod entering the free-agent market? Way to go Joe. By the end of the night I thought I had been in a coma and that the Yankees actually did make the World Series.

i'd rather listen to a pile of Ethel Merman records.

seriously, when Harry Caray died...that was the end of color commentary.

Funny you should mention the Randy Moss mooning incident. Because that's the moment I decided that Buck could go piss up a rope. He went on and on about that incident like Moss had whipped out his wang and was shaking it at the old ladies and children of Green Bay. If he wasn't such a pompous fricking moron perhaps he would have understood it was in response the tradition of the drunken mongoloids of Green Bay actually mooning the visiting team's bus as they pull out of the hellhole they call home.

I guess basically what I'm saying is, I concur.

Oh yeah and I've just about had it with that goddamn robot they have on during the football games. Get rid of it and shove it up Rupert Murdoch's right-wing ass!

shut up about the merm zra.....

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