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wind turbine towers

Keokuk Iowa announced today that they are opening a factory to build wind turbine bases. The plant will employ 350 workers at a pay of 23.50 per hour. Three other factories have opened in Iowa this year building wind turbine parts. Accima Energy in West Branch, 110 jobs, Siemans in Fort Madison , 200 jobs and Clipper windpower in Cedar Rapids 140 jobs. It's a good thing that we don't look into this. It's a lot nicer to watch them come in and out of town.


Hell ya!!! I'd hate to see wages like that in Duluth. Pesky turbines...

I know, 'cause there are plenty of good, permanent jobs on the Iron Range. None of those communities are struggling.

Yeah it would have been cool if they made them in MN and all, but the fact that they are making them somewhat regionally is cool too. They've been importing them from Germany for awhile now, perhaps you've seen them on the road as in the area they come in on ships to the D/S harbor them get hauled OTR from there.

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