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why would they do that

The city of Contra Costa callif. announced today that they have joined (Plug in Partners National campaign) They currently run 27 % of their vehicals on alternative energy. In 2001 they had 47 and today they have 298 vehicules in their fleet. Talk about weird people. I know we have two buses. We,re accelerating into the next millenium so fast that the wind can,t even catch us. Frank


Frank, this is interesting. If I may offer 2 friendly suggestions (and I realize the first of these may be a bit like the pot calling the kettle black as I'm not the best at it at times).
1) the parsing of the post was a little hard to read, unneeded parentheses, comma instead of apostrophe, and some confusing syntax (I thought it read the city had 47% of it's fleet using alternative energy in 2001 the first time I read it)
2. No need to sign the post, your name appears underneath it automatically
3. A link, while not mandated, would have been nice.
As I said, it is interesting, I didn't know Duluth even had those two buses. A few weeks back there was a bit in the paper about Bergson buying a handful of scooters for the city to use which I thought was marginally cool, at least they can be used in the summer and get very good gas mileage. But that is pretty small potatoes in the long run.
(Are you the Frank that has the photography show opening? if so congrats, you may, or may not, be interested in this)

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