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What's new in solar and electric today

Nambia and SouthAfrica leading in solar in Africa. SouthAfrica to build a 100 megawatt solar power plant. Nambia subsidizing the installation of solar systems for domestic use and also have a plan for solar heating program for all government buildings.
Impressive growth in U.S. solar energy. Total solar thermal collector shipments in (thousand square feet) . 1997- 8000 units. 2006- 20,000. Photovotaic cell and modular shipments in (peak kilowatts) 1997 50,000. 2006 -330,000. Solar thermal collector shipments led by Florida, California and Nevada.
Today's best young solar stocks. First Solar(FSLR), JASolar (JASO), Sun Power (SPUR) and Yingli Green Energy(YGE
German University, Technische Universitael Darmstadt winsa 2007 Internationl competition to design solar house. 2nd- University of Maryland, 3rd- Santa Claire University.. Held in Washington D. C. the criteria were a comfortable temperature, adequate lighting, sufficient power for all home electronics, hot water, and powering an electric vehicle. All powered by solar only
Also check out YouTube, the Hooverboard electric skateboard and the White Zombie all electric dragster