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We're, eh, in the news again...

Duluth News Tribune article


Bloggers comment about how their blog comments on the news make the news. Story at 11.

Can anyone post the content?

Its a fascinating article and Spring isn't the only one that comes away looking foolish. Carol Christenson (from Fox) says "Whether you like Al Gore and his politics or not, he probably has skewed a lot of the statistics quite a bit,...." Which statistics are you talking about Carol? Gore actually did a great job explaining many of the scientific articles I've read over the last fifteen years. Carol- almost everything (if not everything) Gore talks about in the movie has been published in Science and Nature, the two most prestigious science journals in the world. Kyle Underwood (Channel 10) says “This debate is being driven a lot by politicians,” not by scientists,'. Kyle, I know scientists who have been working on climate change and global warming for longer than you've been alive. The only reason this issue is even mentioned is because of the hard work scientists have done for the last 30 years to get: first- the science right, and second- others to realize the significance of the problems. And then there's Mr. Springs comments. I guess Gore and the 99.99% of climate scientists that work on this subject are left wing nuts. How about Mr. Spring back off the ad hominem attacks and explain exactly what climate scientists are saying that he disagrees with - then his misinformation can be corrected.


Don't know if this will work, but there's the URL.

I always say: You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

Saw that too, between this and Barrett's front page photo there was a heady dose of PDD related stuff in today's paper

That article, I believe, is the first time the DNT online has ever linked to another web site.

Carol is an ex-coworker of mine. To attempt to fix her quote, the Al Gore movie did have some errors, but the overall message is correct. To put it another way, quantitatively some errors in the details. Qualitatively, the movie gets it right.

This blog entry explains one of the errors. http://www.realclimate.org/index.php/archives/2006/05/al-gores-movie/

Girl from the North Country said:
"You don't need a weatherman to tell you where the wind blows"

Yes, but you may need a climatologist to tell you where the wind is coming from, and why. Go clitorologists! Err, I mean climatologists.

for what it's worth, a recent episode of the "news magazine" 20/20 had a report with john stossel talking about how people are unwilling to have any kind of debate about the subject anymore while some former IPCC scientists still feel there is more research that needs to be done. of course, that just so happens to support his personal opinions, as expressed in his new book. personally, i feel like humans cannot sustain their lifestyles in the current manner regardless of what is happening with global temperatures.

The problem with comments like this is the casting of doubt. All that the nutty right-wing powers-that-be (I include Republicans and congressional Democrats in this category) need to excuse themselves for not doing anything to address Global Warming, like not even taking the very minimal step of ratifying the Kyoto Protocol, is to claim there isn't a consensus of opinion around global warming. Claiming that "(left-wing) politics is driving the debate" is a convenient way to distract people from their own right-wing political agenda (i.e. not confronting the problem). In fact, there has been scientific consensus that global warming is happening and that it's caused by human activity since at least 1998--it's just gotten harder and harder for politicians to ignore the facts as the body of confirmational data grows.

There are conditions that make meteorologists less likely to "buy in" to evidence that global warming is changing weather patterns than other climate scientists. For one thing, their field deals with very short-term models, not long-term changes in climate. On the scale of days and weeks, change related to global warming is invisible--it can only be seen as a trend when you pan out to the decades-milennia scale. Meteorologists intentionally miss the forest for the trees.

The second reason they might not support the global warming consensus is who is writing their paychecks. There's a bit of a disincentive to report on global warming when you work for corporate media outlets ultimately owned by the energy industry--or at least not an incentive to investigate what global warming is doing to the weather.

Ok so this Karl Spring guy has Sprung up to be a pain in the butt, if you know what I mean. And this makes my blood boil. Ok so he says that Al Gore is a left wing nut, well first of all you idiot, you should see the movie, "An Inconviniet Truth". Wow even I know that and I'm just a simple 15 year old. Second of all when I scrolled down to se what his comment was to the new tribune, it said quote, "On Thursday, Spring declined comment, saying he was too busy monitoring active weather systems." Well appariently I have some dirt no one may know.........

Back when True North TV was here in Ashland I went to visit because I had considered a carrer in Brodcast Journalism, any how, when I and the weather guy Garret decided to call KBJR, a.k.a. Karl Spring, to find some recommendations to put on a tornado safety blip for the tv broadcast that night, KBJR said, "Well Karl doesn't get into the Station untill 3pm." WHAT!!!! This just means that what Karl said to the News Tribue, about him actively checking weather systems, is a lie. Sounds like Karl Spring doesn't even create his own weather forecast.
Wow what a,
"Right-Winged Diva"

heya Sam... it might interest you to know Mr Spring has actually shown up here and offered an apology and a little explication.

It is near the bottom of this comment thread, but if Spring's prior comments made your blood boil I'd think twice about reading through those comments because you may just have grand mal seizures reading through some of those.

All I know is that I really miss watching Carl! He was great at his job, he was funny, entertaining and always a pleasure to watch and listen to. Sadly missed Carl!!

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