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nice. clear and concise language. strong intelligent metaphors (going 'crazy' like a cow through a barb-wire fence) and of course very logical.

wait...lets edit that off the tape.

and lets be afraid to say 'penis'

his poor children...

I'll put my tongue in your eye!

Oral Roberts...the man who once claimed that if he didn't raise 5 million dollars that God was going to take his life.

oh wait...that was 8 million...according to wikipedia his sheep forked over a little over 9 mil in that scam.

Wow! That's a touchy subject. Let's look at the cycle of life. You eat . It goes through. You release the remenants. I'm avoiding the topic. I don't know how to respone to this. I can't deal with this level of thinking. What to say ? I don't know what to say.Earthworm excerement is the glory of compost. Poison. We are what we are . There more important things. Why would you waste your energy.I'm rambling.Let's do something

"certainly you cayunt put the male organ or the woman's tongue in the eye..."

i must find that i agree with Oral Roberts on this point.

Oral, you make my senses viiiibrate.

Shucks, I wish I would have payed better attention to his sermons in the 70's when my folks dragged me out to the Met Center. That's better than Nation Geographic magazine!!!

He wavered and waffed a few times in his speech.
I found myself trying to finish his sentences.
My conclusion is that he has never done "it" right:)
I agree with d'mauling - he couldn't say penis - therefore I lost interest.

This guy needs a Hot Karl and a Filthy Sanchez!!

Dirty Sanchez.

all this proves is that oral roberts loves pussy but is bad at eating it.

um, oh my lordy. Now I can stop trying to learn this on the "streets".

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