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Tinderbox is open.

The doors of Duluth's first urban crafts shop are now open. Come down and check out clothes, jewelry, art, ties, stationery and all kinds of funky stuff. All handmade. All from Duluth. Exciting.
The grand opening is this Saturday and I'll being giving away handmade goodies throughout the day.
Tinderbox is downtown at 22 N. Second Ave. E. (2 doors up from Dick). Call 727.8042. Tell all your friends!
Support Local Crafters!


Woohoo!!! Buy stuff, yeah!

My sister is originally is from the area and now living in the Cities. She makes REALLY cool baby items. Would she be eligible to have them at the store???

yeah, probably. have her call. or you can, to discuss it. thanks for the interest.

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