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Those damned Hollywood ad wizards...

A guy was looking for a DVD at Pawn America this weekend -- "Dodgeball," of all movies -- and he picked one up, said to his girlfriend/sister/mother(?)/whatever, "Oh, this one's in 'widescreen' ... but I don't have a widescreen TV," set it down defeatedly and left the premises.


Aww, that's sad. Movies presented on DVD/VHS/Whatever in anything other then their original aspect ratio are a huge pet peeve of mine. I have no idea why.

That story just ruined my day. I feel really bad for him. And I'm not even pregnant.

I presume the implication is that this guy wasn't particularly intelligent? I think I've done the same thing several times albeit with regards to VHS tapes. I can't stand widescreen movies on my TV personally. All that unused space irks me for some reason. Fortunately my computer is perfect for that.

Nate, I have the same peeve because you miss a good 1/5 of the movie and the editors do clumsy pans to try to make up for the fact that you can't see something that is important. I always go widescreen if I can.

I especially love when people get widescreen TVs and the aspect ratio is wider, and they still complain about black bars... i.e. WHAT THE FRICK LOL I THOT I WAS GON GIT RID OF BARS LOL!!1!

I'm with ironic1, WIDESCREEN OR BUST!

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