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The Prius of Public Transport

I meant to post this last week and just never got to it. But since Frank made a hint toward it but never elaborted, I figured I'd get it up.

I use the city bus approximately 10 times a week - and might I add that I love not having to pay for gas, car repairs, etc. Anyway, last week I somehow managed to leave my wallet on the bus. After a frantic search it turns out a kindly passenger returned it to the driver and the driver had it at the transit hub in west Duluth. When I got there I had to wait for about 10 minutes because the driver that had it was apparently training someone. The secretary explained that the DTA received new state-of-the-art Hybrid busses and that all the drivers had to be trained to drive them because they're a little different. I thought that was very exciting news and was wondering why I hadn't heard of it up until now! On my way out I saw one of them sitting in the parking lot. Oh so very shiny and new. Not much different looking except for a little part on the top that says "HYBRID" I've read things about whether or not hybrid busses are actually worth it at the moment but I hold out hope that something good will come out of this. I love that Duluth is always trying to take a progressive step forward.



i was always impressed with Seattle's mass transit system...the finest in the country, IMO...you can get ANYwhere you want to go within the city in as little as one transfer, they buses are always on time, and 80% of their system in and around the city proper uses electricity, and you can jump on a bus say...on first and pike downtown and after a transfer or two, arrive in Olympia.

i'm thinkin that a progressive MT system such as theirs would have implemented hybrid busses a while back...i'd check that out and read up on their experiences with them.

You can find the link for Metro here.
They have even added to use Paccar hybrid vehicle technology to its work force

nice. Seattle: STILL ahead of its time.


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