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The Kissers - Friday @ Luce


They played Luce last st. pattys day, they put on a high energy show, check it out.

...the Kissers, a young five-piece Irish band from, of all places, Madison, Wis., put across a set of dynamic Celtic-influenced rock. Led by singer-bassist Ken Fitzsimmons, whose lyrical earnestness (in keeping with Irish tradition he writes serious songs about love and war) couldn't dampen the fun of the music... (The Washington Post, Oct. 31, 2005
They have some songs on their website, check it out...The Kissers


I see you are going to Fargo then.

According to their myspace, the transistor, pizza luce they will be in Duluth, MN on Friday, Fargo on Saturday.

According to the Luce website they are playing there tomorrow.

They ARE playing here, at Luce, on Friday. Ken told me himself. Go see them, they are great fun.

Wow, people stayed away from this in droves. At the end of it there were four of us watching. They were really good, some interestingly complex and fun songs

I was there and loved it! I am an old folgie, though, and was a little peeved that the advertised time was 10 pm and they didn't start until 11:20 pm. We were about to leave and then they started and we danced and clapped until 12:40. Originally we only planned on staying until 12 because of work the next day, but they were that good that we stayed on for a few more songs and another round.

Would have been great to hear the whole concert, but oh well...

I was there for the first half.

Better than I expected. And check out Sean Michael Dargon...he was the guitar player, I've opened for him before. Good stuff.

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