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The Future and State of Duluth Parks


A Mayoral Candidate Forum
Thursday, October 25, 2007
Chester Bowl Chalet
7 - 8 p.m.

Is your park falling apart? In the last five years, Duluth's extensive and unique park system has had its budget slashed, programs cut, and properties under-cared for. The once vibrant community youth activities programs, well-maintained trails and fields, and beautiful gardens are now in distress.

You are invited to join the Chester Bowl Improvement Club on Thursday, October 25 from 7 - 8 p.m. at the Chester Bowl Chalet. Come learn what the candidates have to say about the future and state of Duluth Parks and Recreation.


What do you think of your neighborhood park? Any questions you'd want answered? Please comment below.


The Duluth park system is truly one of the best parts of this city. I think this will be a great debate and am glad we will get to hear what the candidates have to say. Big issues in our community like neighborhood crime, attracting young people, and growing our local economy are intricately tied to the park system, youth programs, and general recreation provided there. Our beautiful parks and trails are totally integral to the uniqueness of our city. I heard somewhere that Duluth is one of the most walkable cities in the US. Heck, we have a hiking trail that goes directly though our city and simultaneously through some of the most breathtaking terrain in the state. I’m glad this is topic is finally getting some attention!

I agree with Karen that one of the best parts of Duluth is the park system. I am currently living in Washington DC and one of the things I miss the most while living here is having an easily accessible quiet place in the woods to go to. With parents living in Duluth and considering the possibility that I might move back to Duluth in the future, I was disappointed to hear that Duluth has cut funding to help maintain its parks. I hope this is a conversation that is taken seriously and that it can be a good oportunity to organize support for parks.

The parks of Duluth and the surrounding areas are definitely something that most of us take advantage of. Just take a minute to think about how often you visit these places! I walk in Chester Bowl, cross-country ski in Lester Park, go for runs in Hartley, stroll the Lakewalk, and relax in the Rose Garden--and I LOVE these parks. If the funding for these beautiful places continues to fall and their conditions worsen, I guarantee people will start noticing. The problem is: we need people to understand what could happen BEFORE it does. I would love to hear what the candidates have to say about their plan for Duluth's parks. These parks are what bring people here, and what keeps me here. See you at the meeting!

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