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Thank you

I would like to thank the people who helped me with my request for information on cedit cards and what a http is. I went to my credit union and got a visa card from them at 9% with no annual fee and cash advance capibility at the same rate. Again thanks for the help. As far as learning how to post pictures, I'm still at a loss. I am on both photobucket and image shack but can't figure out how to attach the http to individual pictures . If any body out there would like to help I would trade one of my lift bridge pictures for a tutorial. You can get my phone number from Blaize or Hot Rod Or Rich Boo.


First, make sure the pic is available on the 'net.

2nd, the command to insert a pic is:

The book 'HTML for dummies' helped me a lot.

Whenever I'm stuck on an HTML term I usually just google "HTML" and whatever I want to do. It usually gets me there.

I'll give you a tutorial for art! Call me at work 464-0403.


Starfire, I'll take you up on that as soon as I finish at Tim's probably after next week.

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