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Target parking lot flood pics

Target Flood 4

Always carry a camera, folks. Always.

Target Flood 3

Target Flood 1


thats amazing, was it from the rains, or did a main break or something?

Ha! I was about to post the same thing. I think there were at least eight other people taking pictures when I was there. Welcome to the digital world.

I don't know why there was so much water, but the car is submerged because the driver didn't realize she was leaving the parking lot and driving into a grassy pit. At least, that's what the other onlookers told me.

Anyway, I guess I can compare this to the wheel popping off my car yesterday on the Bong Bridge and consider myself fortunate.

I'll bet you all didn't know that Barrett Chase and I are mallrats.

Wow, it's pretty strange that we didn't see each other there.

Anyway, if you look at approximately the center of the bottom photo, you can see the water pouring out of the drainage ditch and onto the street. Which makes me think it was from the rain, like maybe the tunnel under the street got clogged or something like that.

That's where that $60 charge on my sewer bill came from. It's nice to see that my money is going for a worthy cause.

I was on the other side of the big puddle, snapping photos of course. Had my camera along with a full card, so had to do the ol' shoot-delete-shoot-delete thing.

When I first arrived it looked like a sink hole had swallowed the car. Really couldn't tell what was going on under the swirling water. Talked a bit with the guy who helped the driver out the window- kudos to him I say.

should have tried to sell the photos to the DNT

i was up there at around 4pm and the ditches were filling up pretty fast. it seemed apparent that the culverts weren't going to handle it. people were driving right through that area and it was nearly at wheel well level. thought to myself that it was going to get interesting. guess it did.

hbh at the mall......hottttt.

Anyone at the Hermantown Community Church build an ark yet?

Edge: Check tomorrow's front page.



Maybe Paul L could get a good deal on that car to replace the one that fell apart.

Watch out for Morlocks!

I guess the moral of this story (aside from always have your camera) is: don't go randomly driving through flooded parking lots you're unfamiliar with. What a terrifying but stupid accident to get into.

That corner of the parking lot is a stormwater retention pond...guess it did its job.

I saw that today Barrett, made me smile slightly to myself I must say.

Great pictures.

In a society where the car is god, maybe it was just trying to walk on water?

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