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summons.jpgGot this in the mail today. I'm on call for Federal Jury Duty during the months of November and December. This, of course, doesn't mean that I am going to serve on a jury. Just that I'm in the pool.

So, I'm wondering... I've never served on a jury before, let alone a Federal jury. Anybody got wisdom for me on this? I'm actually kinda psyched about it. I think it would be interesting and given my job as a man o' the cloth I doubt it would present anything I couldn't work around, unless someone ups and dies and I have to do their funeral.

Am I crazy to be kind of excited about this or just a nerd soon to be disabused of my silly bout of pride in doing my civic duty?


My wife served as a juror on a federal case (sexual harrassment in the workplace) a few years ago and thought it was extremely fascinating. The trial lasted maybe a week, and she enjoyed going each day. Personally, I wouldn't mind getting summoned to be on a jury, either.

Be prepared for days of pure boredom as you wait to get picked.

Then if you do get picked, be prepared for more boredom as the trial progresses.

Fully Informed Jury

Personally I never again wish to sit on a jury. I was severely unimpressed with the law, the judge, the police, and both lawyers during the trial I sat for.

Good for you Ironic1 for embracing jury duty. Was on St. Louis County J. Duty and it was an interesting case, (lucky draw) but with Federal duty, you're almost guarenteed an interesting case!

By the way, what do you wear to jury duty? Is it formal, semi-formal, business casual, casual? I'm only half joking about this.

I'm a lawyer, so I'll never get picked for a jury. I'm kind of bummed about it b/c I think it would be a lot of fun to be MAKING the decision rather than advocating for a particular outcome.

As for attire, just dress in a manner that you think shows respect for the court and the parties whose dispute you will be considering.

It's wonderful that you're excited. I think this is one of our greatest responsibilities as citizens. I hope you do get on a jury and that it's a fascinating case. By the way, you would make a very good and thoughtful juror.

Jello Biafra said he couldn't get out of jury duty in San Francisco wearing a Millions of Dead Cops t-shirt (More Dead Cops, Millions of Deformed Children, Multi Death Corporations, Millions of Damn Christians, Magnus Dominus Corpus, Male Dominated Culture, Metal Devil Cokes, Missile Destroyed Civilization, et al), so, go nuts.

I also have a few back issues of Blacklisted 411 that talk about jury duty, if you'd like. Want to be difficult and/or get out of jury duty: ask the judge why there's gold fringe on the flag in the court room. No, it technically doesn't mean you've entered a military / admiralty court, but it sure does flag you as a wingnut. (No pun intended.)

I've been summoned three times in 14 years of eligibility: bring a book.

I have a feeling that I may be dismissed because a) I am a news junkie and will probably have read/heard something about the case and b) I'm clergy and they will assume certain things about my opinions, etc., which will probably be wrong, but nonetheless, will probably get me booted. Still, we'll see.

I had the pleasure to serve.
I was disappointed that I never sat in the box. When confronted with the fact that the jury was ready to enter the defendent went soft and either went for the deal or entered guilty.
Our jury wrangler commented that it happens a lot.
It was a good process and coincidently I served with two people I know - small world.
Bring a favorite book or journal to bide your time.
Clothing - something comfortable.

Clothing: Wear a sombrero.

the best part of jury duty is the free lunches. or free dinners if need be.

try to be the foreman for an optimal experience. [this is not hard, no one else will want to do it.]

Not true.

50% chance of "that guy" proc.

I got real close twice and was into the part where the lawyers pick the jury. Was real easy for me to say the right thing so they would pick someone else. One was some drunken idiot trying to get paid for his stupidity.

I too am currently on call for Federal court jury duty (for a year in my case ... Aug. 07 - Aug. 08). I don't understand why so many people want to get out of it. The boredom? Or the decision making?

whatever you do, if you REALLY want to hear the case, do nOt snap your fingers and swing your arm [at the same time] *FOR ANY REASON* when being interviewed for selection

I served on a jury 5 summers ago. It was a rape case and it was pretty interesting. Our deliberations were full of theatrics, including the one hold-out juror who yelled and waved his arms to prove his case.

I wanted to serve, and the didn't dismiss me even when I told the judge one of the witnesses for the prosecution was my next door neighbor!

The wife of John F. from TMBG was my fellow juror and we carpooled every day.

Oh, and the dress code is pretty lax. You'll see people show up in all kinds of dress.

Hey Beret! I remember you telling me about this on my blog earlier this year! Love Robin "Goldie" Goldwasser and TMBG in general. I'm guessing I'm not going to be serving with John or John or Goldie here in Duluth. Too bad.

christa wrote: the best part of jury duty is the free lunches. or free dinners if need be.

HA! I suppose if you enjoy courthouse cafeteria food that might be true.

Barrett wrote: I don't understand why so many people want to get out of it. The boredom? Or the decision making?

Often times you will be sequestered meaning you must spend every moment under the watchful eye of the jury wrangler lest you polute your mind by watching the news, reading a paper, surfing the internet.

I don't believe in slavery. By most definitions, jury duty is a form of slavery. For the duration of the trial the state owns you (especially if you get sequestered).

"Preposterous!", you claim. If you don't believe me just ignore your next jury summons. Should you ignore it long enough, you'll find yourself staring down the barrel of a gun.

Beret, that story about meeting Robin Goldwasser on jury duty is too cool. :+) It really is a small world, I guess!

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