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Star Wars + Disco + Trumpet + Beauty Contest =

I cried until I laughed.

Another fanboy.com find.


Oh my god. Did she win?

another reason to squash the rebel alliance...I like the crouched use of the trumpet as a blaster

I love you Stacie Hedger.

the crouched trumpet blaster--sounds like a new version of martini, or a martial arts film, "Crouching Trumpet Blasting Blaster." It worked more effectively as a weapon when she was playing the out of tune notes--death by sonic assault.

ironic1, thank you so very, very much. You've inspired this dancer to come alive!

Was she playing in the wrong key?

If you consider consistently flat and sharp a key, well, then yes - she was in the wrong key. Or, more precisely, she was playing between keys. All of them. Amazing.

this is so wrong on so many levels I haven't a clue as to where to begin.

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