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Rock & Roll Kamikaze?

mr-t-celebriduck.jpgAre there any Lucé employees here, or someone with previous experience who can provide details about the big white "Rock & Roll Kamikaze" which are more thorough then what is written on the side of it? Is your band formed at random via entires in the box, or do you get to team up with whoever you want? Or is it a solo thing? Is the cover you write down what you play, or just assigned randomly to some other band? I keep wanting to ask, but I'm always in there at the pizza line during lunch when it is its busiest, and I don't want to be jerk keeping everyone else waiting. (I'm sooo polite)

*I was going to post a photo of a kamikaze pilot crashing, but when I google image searched the term, this Mr. T. duck image was in the results, and way cooler. So it wins.


I'm not sure of the other answers but in the past I am pretty darned sure you got teamed up pretty much at random. It only turns solo if all yer bandmates ditch you.


just put your name in the box and see what happens.

the rock n roll kamikaze...what it is ..is this..if you sign up...you will be put in a band with 3 other people...you then will have from november 4th(the drawing day)til december 8th(the show)to practice and hammer out what you need to do...your band will get 15 minutes of stage time...you get one cover song chosen at random..and you and your band come up with 2 originals...and you compete for prizes and bragging rights...theres alwaqys more to it then that ..but thats the rundown.....

The More You Know, another quality Down and Dirty PSA from Heiko.

Thanks Heiko.

Randomness sounds fun. Four bassisst get stuck together and have to cover some Stevie Ray. That would be sweet.

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